Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dinner with Roomies

the weather was great that evening......
everyone was so looking fwd to it :P
the food that is......kekekeke
glasses were washed and cleaned
drinks were chilled
Mr JS was bz in the wet kitchen 
he did everything himself fr mis-en-place to cooking to cleaning
this one really automated "appliance" at home....dun think can buy anywhere else...
while Monkey just monkeying around disturbing JS
Baby Rei wasn't cranky that evening
He was all smiles the whole evening and it was so easy to capture him
He didn't wanna let go of Berr's stool :P
according to Mee Mee if Baby Rei likes something....he will use his palm and tap tap on it....
that includes his mommy...hahhahahahaah
Mee Mee brought 5 bottles of Ribenas for us....kekekekkekekke...
all in different flavours
Shell Shell brought Manuka Honey
while Nee Lee brought chocolate truffles....

they were requested by Monkey to bring something "sweet" and being ME it has to be something that I use/consume :P
bring sweetness to our new home mar....hihihihihihihi
sneak peek at the kitchen......
JS roasting some root vegetables
 but all eyes were on this baby when JS was crackling it :P
Huei said it was crackling like VOLCANO
 okie lor Monkey got to work oso....
prepared a simple aragula and orange salad with toasted walnuts
and Saint Veeny's recipe
avocado and lettuce salad with crispy bacon and croutons
my favourite :)))))))
buffalo mozzarela *yaaay we found it at BSC*
and tomato and basil salad

Since Shell Shell is on diet...need to prepare at least 3 salads
however she whacked the roast dunno if tat fail or not :P
roasted parsnips, baby carrots, sweet pineapple, baby potatoes
baked linguine with prawns, sweet cherry tomatoes and basil
star of the nite - slow roasted piggie
JS confit tis bugger over nite
slow roasted it for 9 hours :P

my roomies were still talking bout it 
haiiiiii....he already gave green light...
if u ladies want this....anytime he will roast it for u
*just dun make me clean ur oven*
*he said roomies can clean......wakakkaakkaka*
group pic with Baby Rei :))))))))
Nee Lee & Shell Shell :)))))))
family pic...
told ya Baby Rei was in a good mood
dinner will not b complete without dessert
I took this pic the souffle has deflated a bit
JS attempted Banana Souffle and it was a success
guess he has got talent...coz everything he attempted sure can make it...
mine usually have to go into the stomach of the BIN
and coffee for everyone!!!!
thank u for coming roomies :)))))

we'll do this again....yes we will do BBQ
just give us some time to assemble that HUGE BBQ thingy
I dunno if u call it machine or pit or errrrrrrr
coz it runs on gas and charcoal
with a rotisserrie.....
yes can panggang the whole chicken there and it will just turn and turn and turn
aka ayam golek lar :P
Nee Lee here helping us to clean up

Thanks again roomies!!!!!
Hugs n kisses!!!!!

but most of all thank you Chef JS for cooking :))))))))))
*and cleaning and doin the groceries and cracked ur head to draft the menu :P*


neil said...

I had the grandest time! Thanks so much =)

js said...

Next time we do slower roast 24 hrs!!!:)

licheng said...

i want to be there for the roast pork! oink oink :D

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: we r eppy to know u & the tummy had fun :P

JS: u sendiri roast ok

Kindy Chai: yes when u r back he will make for u :P

Anonymous said...

thanks again for the lovely evening n BEST food!

it's 11.35pm.. seeing this blog makes me salivate again... roast pork yummsss

js's roask pork big time fan :D aka mee mee

js said...

we can do another session soon......jyst name the date!! :)

CHER-RY said...

Mee Mee: kekekeke sure he will make it again for u :))

JS: wah...u got fans dy!!!

Unknown said...

great dinner until i cut down my diet for the roast pork.....i am still thinking about it till now...