Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shinji by Kanesaka, Singapore *2 Michelin Stars*

Shinji is the very first venture outside Japan
helmed by Chef Kanesaka
Master Chef Koichiro Oshino is their si fu running the main restaurant
regarded as the top sushi restaurant in Japan

yes when I said...sushi.....their expertise are sushi.....my oh my
the experience was outta the body~~~~

okie clarification....Shinji isn't a 2 Michelin Star restaurant in Singapore
coz Singapore has yet to have this rating
and secondly...the Chef is a 2 Michelin Star chef
so there's a big difference between chef with star and restaurant with star
we were one lucky bunch to be booked into the private room
yes u'll have one chef catering to all your needs
slicing and preparing your food at your private convenient
our Chef Kiku
Monkey: "Wat's your name?"
Chef Kiku: *nodded with politeness...."Kiku-San"

Monkey: "Kiko? KIKO??"
Chef Kiku: "KI-KU"

Monkey: "KIKO?"

ok ok....hehehhee...wat does it mean?
Chef Kiku: "U know des Flour-wah"

"HAI!!! flour-wah des!!!!".....pointing to the flower carving on the window..

oh oh oh flower!!!! how silly of me -_-
I alwiz made a fool of meself :P
I better behave myself....for Chef Kiku has an extremely super sharp can die sashimi knife
it was very long........almost can be used for "harakiri"
kekekekekek ok ok ok BEHAVE MONKEY!!!!!
actually this wasn't our 1st course...
there's just too many pictures...about 65 pics...so I'll just upload wat I can

Lunch menu set varies n for an important bday celebration we had the SGD 250 Omakase Special
slightly grilled crabmeat inside....
which was made into some form of patty
Chef Kiku is very strict and stern
we are not allowed to dip em into the freshly grated wasabi nor soyu
Chef Kiku: "NO sauce!!!!"
ok ok ok ok ok 
when the room is quiet....u know everyone is enjoying their food :D
every single piece of fish was prepared in such care that we dare not even eat it
Chef alwiz treat their food and sword...er I mean knives with respect...
so we must treat our meal with respect too 
don't u think so?

How would u think the Chef would feel if his diners just whack the food into his/her mouth
without savouring it?
he cut the fish with such meticulous care...there wasn't a single fiber innit
and it SERIOUSLY MELTED in our mouths...

Monkey: "OOIIISHIIIIIII!!!!!!"
Chef Kiku: "HAI Arigato gozaimase" nodded and continue to work with such strict precision

aiks Chef is so serious....again I better behave meself -_-
now u see it!!!
and ta-da!!!!! Bonito!!!!
Chef Kiku later "cured" the meat in soyu and mirin
and we had very fine sashimisssSSSSssss....forgot to take pic :P
then came the SUSHIsssSSSSssss

the moment it landed on my tongue...
the rice was dancing amicably
u just need to delicately use your tongue and the grains separate itself
one by one individually....
gimme more more MORE MORE
the prized chitorro
Hirame = flounder fish
my favourite sayori!!!!
the sushi were portioned this way so u can enjoy more
just the right proportion of rice vs fish
in fact it was just a nice bite

I wanted more but then this means loading my tummy with grains
actually we dun mind...can we have the whole "tong" of rice pls????
ika = squid
usually ika is very chewy
but this one was so CREAMY
the ooni = sea urchin was so fresh....
when u purchase sea urchin u want em lookin like this
not watery nor runny....just solid pure hi cholesterol goodness
OMG the quality of the ooni was undeniable...
all produce are flown in directly from Tsukiji market almost daily *cept when the mkt is closed on Tue and Sun*
and are handpicked by their Master Chef
sweet ebi :)))))
seriously u dun need any sauce nor wasabi..
coz it was so well flavoured 
steamed fish, a family of red snapper
was done so delicately and cooked to perfection
Omakase menu allows diners to sit back and enjoy
just let Chef work his magic

Dinner menu sets u back at SGD 450
so lunch is just perfect this round
and most of all watch in delight as Chef worked his magic sword...err I mean sashimi knife
he cuts with such peculiar angle and held his fish with palms up left right swayed to a certain degree
it was like almost dancing and fanning the fish into the air

Beautiful movements
we couldn't capture most on camera coz damn he's too FAST!!!!
even slicing leeks -_-
we r damn failed cameramen

all his cutting slicing chopping were with controlled pressure
it looked so simple but trust me....if u were entrusted the knife and to do the same
all ur fishes will be gone smashed....koyak!!!!
grilled ell and the other one was steamed
mind u, these are WILD SEA EELS
taste was so different....fr the normal ones = farmed eels
well really can't be compared...
Bday cake for the bday boy :D
made entirely fr fish
really can't believe it even simple sushi like this could make me teared :P

A Certain Si Fu told me:"of coz do u know all the stuffs innit were of such premium quality....all the expensive fishes!!!"
this sweetened egg dish was a killer!!!!
made with special eggs flown in fr Japan
innit there's some secret ingredients + pureed prawns
and cooked through charcoal fire

mind u, charcoal fire was put on top of the egg instead of below
to achieve such consistent result
Shinji is very pure...zen
they believe in simplicity & authenticity
so u dun get any tempura nor boiled nor simmered nor noodles at this place
*For J&J Jelina, that's how she learnt to eat raw fish and never look back since.....Shinji has converted her!!!! bravo!!!!!*

The restaurant in Japan, u can't even get coke
that's how serious they are
Sake list is also outstanding

will definitely return
aaAAAAAaaaa :)
*still thinkin bout it now*
Thank u Doc & Em.......:))))))

Shinji by Kanesaka
Raffles Hotel #02-20,
1 Beach Road,
Singapore 189673.
Tel: +65 6338 6131


js said...

And for the first time monkey no give me her chitoro which she usually politely refuse :))))

licheng said...

omg! uni heaven! everything looks delish!

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