Monday, November 15, 2010

Prada Bauletto Tessuto Bow

it's been a very long 5.5 months~~~~~~~
aaaahhhhh *sigh of relief*

welcome to the wardrobe baby!!!!

Monkey's been searching hi & lo for a travel bag
which has the right size
water proof/ snow proof
basically can double up as a tote and sling bag

Prada Baulleto Tessuto Bow
with braided handle *which was sooooo Bottega Veneta*
and an adjustable sling leather strap

I got mine in Geranio PINK!!!
couldn't find the exact color online coz it's a NEW color :P

Yeayyyy I got a travel bag now for our travel :P

available at Prada Boutique
Retailing at SGD 1,370


boo_licious said...

Very nice! I love the bow and bottega handle. Am sure it'll look snazzy during yr travels.

CHER-RY said...

Thanks Boo!!!! yes heart heart heart it :))
most of all water/snow proof kekekekkee

My Mini Precious said...

Do you plan to sell it out as second hand bag to me?