Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Breakfast from leftover scrap :P

Peugeot pepper and salt grinder
yes Peugeot as in the car Peugeot
so these babies grind like a ferocious engine

kakakakaka nope just kidding
they are just normal grinders manufactured for Peugeot
looking clean sleek and chic
Monkey made breakfast fr leftovers the fridge :P

eggs were leftovers for making desserts
bacons fr the avocado salad
chopped garlic was leftover fr dinner prep
thinly sliced onions were oso leftover fr the mis-en-place tray inside the fridge

well maybe cept the tiny portobello mushrooms
so sad rite our mushrooms fr Cameron/Genting
ooooh yea sprinkled wif chopped *in this case I was lazy, just used scissors to cut* Italian flat leaf parsley
it was oso left over from pasta preparation :P
then later out came the croissants....yummy cappucino
and in the glass jar was some Ginger Molasse cookies I made the nite before
errrr it was too sweet and JS educated this Monkey that whenever u r using recipe fr the States
pls minus the sugar at least 30%, if possible 40%
Monkey doin peek-a-boo

very lovely to have breakfast
in ur pyjamas.....kekekekeke
esp on the balcony with a view
and enjoy the morning breeze

ooh oh oh forgot to mention
I used leftover lard/fat/oil fr the roast pork to cook the above

so moral of the story,
dun waste food......kekekekeke


Anonymous said...

in fact, peugeot have been making salt and pepper grinders longer than they have cars.

CHER-RY said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you for dropping by :))) Really?? Wow I didn't know that :)) Thanks for the info.