Monday, November 01, 2010

La Rosetta Restaurant, Rome *One Michelin Star*

La Rosetta is just a few steps away fr one of the most important monument in Rome - the Pantheon
We walked past it day in day out without realising there's a Michelin Star restaurant right under our nose
*yes we stayed near to the Pantheon like a few steps away? kekekeke*
**yes I know it's November 2010 and a bit lagging to blog something from December 2009**
Liver of monkfish with pumpkin puree
Founded in 1966 by Carmelo Riccioli and Romana Collela, La Rosetta serves only SEAFOOD
Ingredients and seafood are brought in TWICE a day from the ports of Lazio, Anzio, Terracina and Civitavecchia....yes folks..twice a day...once in the morning and then evening.
Seafood was also handpicked and chosen personally by Chef's trustworthy man every single day for the past years.....

Any fresher u have to go and catch it urself :P
currently managed by Chef Massimo Riccioli whom has very deep passion for this Sicilian styled seafood restaurant
Phyllo pastry with fish and spinach
We've never been to a "Fish only" Michelin star restaurant....
I mean really never ever and didn't know what to expect
moreover it was impromptu, we thought of trying this place on our very last night in Rome
and reservation was only made on the very same day.
Lucky we got a table but the restaurant was full that nite.
Salted cod tempura style
all the pictures u've seen so far were Amuse Bouche
preparation was very fine right up to the small details
taste was so clean so u can enjoy the freshness of the ingredients.
Gah!!! could not stop meself fr indulging their breads
and there's more!!! oh Monkey if u gonna enjoy ur dinner pls stop now!!!!
there's walnut bread and pistachios and oh so much more
our favourite oyster - Belon oysters...served with local lemons
*pronounced as Bear-Lon*
it costed Euro 7 at an exchange rate of 5.2 then - RM 36.40 each
but they were worth more than its price tag
look how fresh the meat was!!!!
OMG this was already the climax of the dinner and we haven't really started yet?
after 3 weeks of Gaja wines in Italy....we decided it's time to go back to burg...hahahahaha
maker was Fourrier we just hope the Sommelier was not furious...hahahahaha
They take pride in their own Italian wines..
*so Mr. JS, pls dun order Gaja when we are in France*
fresh raw snapper marinated in lime with extra virgin olive oil

this one was very like the "Kadazan" dish that JS prepared before cept there's no chili innit
so fr the pic, u can see the raw fish almost got "cooked" by all the lime juice with some occasional crunchy bites of cold cucumber
Tuna carpaccio with strawberry and thyme
the berries were all chopped up so u can't see much but this is superb!!!!
at this juncture we were just amazed.....
and the Chef haven't even cook yet...hahaha it's all RAW
super RED RED RAW prawns
we've never seen prawns this red when it's raw....
*Chef Lino Sauro serves this too at Gattopardo, Singapore*
the prize was its head :P
Langoustine??? yes langoustine with salmon roe was another speechless starter
amazingly fresh......
Both of us were so quiet enjoying our dinner....
when your diners are quiet, the food has got to be mind blowing!!!!
oh this one....wished I got do this again
fresh fat fat anchovies on toast with sprinkled cayenne
if u noticed, the anchovies were raw too but damn damn good

after the mind blowing 1st course we proceed to 2nd course
and our expectations and senses got heighten even more
2nd course was another journey of freshness fr the sea
but this round - they were cooked...hehehehhehehe
lurve this long plate
mixed warm seafood salad with calamari, prawns, mussels and octupus
they were just briefly stir fried to achieve its crunchy texture and never ever over cook ur seafood
have u seen such beautiful mussels before????
lurve the yellowness innit :))))))))))
my favourite!!!! Baby octupus grilled to perfection
and its tentacle has that extra crunch...
fr the pic u can see how anal the Chef was...he even laid the octupus in such beautiful way
and took Monkey one bite hahahahahahaahaha
beautiful lobster with sweet tomatoes and fresh basil
this was one very very good too
our 3rd course was a fried baby Octupus with pepper served with cheese biscotti
we were glad to see its portion bcoz at this time, we were quiet amazed and full :P
*Asians have small stomachs ok??*
**well not all asians kakakakakakaka**
it has a very fresh and rich taste, think Chef used squid ink?
crunchy tempura zucchini on top of tempura baby squid
Chef Riccioli used a lot of babies in his cooking....hahahaha
before our main course a sorbet was served
lemon sorbet with blueberry...the lemon were sourced locally
and it has such Sicilian taste to it
can i take u home? :)))
Pasta man aka Mr JS had his pasta fix - Spaghetti with melody of seafood
he's gonna miss all the pasta....and so he did until today

Off topic:
Last nite was uploading piccas....he said he would love to go to Italy again this year
Monkey -_- "then wat about our France trip? your champagne and burgundy wineries visit how?"
since we can't go this year pls do savour the pics Mr. JS...hahahaha
see....he's looking sad here...our last nite in Italy :((((((((

Monkey's main was a seabass cooked in local lemon sauce
accompanying it was crispy prawn wrapped in Katafi pastry
*katafi is basically shredded phyllo pastry originated fr Middle East*
**Saint Veeny makes very yummy Katafi Prawns too!!!!**
just cooked nicely.....OMG I m drooling now :P
I haven't had fish for the past 4 days already!!!!
the green stuffs on the shot glass were shaved asparagus
very very yummy
homemade petit four
since we wanna savour the last nite with my very last indulgence of GELATO and JS with his espresso at the local mom pop shop...we decided to skip dessert here
oh yes we misses u....
but we got to give other countries a chance for us to visit them ok?

nope this round I m not buying/carrying anything back for u all....
coz the luggage bags will be used to lug WINES back......hehehehehe

La Rosetta Restaurant *One Michelin Star*

Via della Rosetta, 8 - 00186
Rome, Italy.
Tel: +0039 06 6861 002


js said...

Despite the fact that we visited so many Michelin star restaurant in Italy........somehow la Rosetta which is only one star stands out. Maybe we like the lighter style of Sicilian cooking vs heavier gravy, etc.......

CHER-RY said...

JS: really? Did I blog bout La Pergola??? forgot :P

Erland said...

Very nice - a resturant serving only fish :-) I think I will wisit it next year when the holliday is in Italy. I love fish

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