Thursday, November 18, 2010

GUCCI The Bamboo Exhibition

We were just in time to visit the Bamboo Forever exhibition in Singapore
it has been touring round the world from Geneva to Prague to Hong Kong to Taipei
and will leave for Rome then Napoli and lastly Venice
the classic piece dated from 1947
bamboo collection started when bag designer had to think of a way to create a beautiful bag during times of WAR esp when they are out of many types of raw materials
*see ppl are so fashionable...during war still must put FASHION in priority :P*
**Italians are really passionate* 

at the same time, they need to maintain the high standards of GUCCI and its identity + exclusivity
today Bamboo collections is really an ICON
the bamboo handle were made by softening it with a fire flame
then curved into a U shape
and today the New Bamboo from Spring 2010 coll
with additional....errrr....too many stuffs *just like a Xmas tree* I still prefer the old classic one
and my favourite piece fr 1960

dun think u think so????
everyone and every brand is re-tracing their roots and heritage
so folks, dun throw/give away ur vintage pieces
they'll definitely make a comeback!!!!!

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