Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feeding Frenzy

the 2 cyborgs watching tv
yep we were watching some 3D demo blu ray disc
coz I dun have any 3D movies that we can watch :D
*aside fr Coraline & Ice Age 3 which were given by Panasonic*

no time to go out to get em
*shows how busy we really are!!!!!!*

the sound system is great!!!!! shake ass, bums and all my glasswares/windows at home
3D quality is AMAZING
it can also convert 2D to 3D on its own
cool eh?

ok ok must must must find time next month to get some 3D blu ray discs
the other thing is.....we are praying hard that the condo management will install Astro Beyond in this couple of'll cost the whole place 240k to do exp!!!!!

there goes our sinking funds~~~~~~~ alongside with the ugly orchids plants and weird fountains they are constructing
and there's still no swing and lounge chairs by the pool -_-"
ok dun get me started or else this posting will end up complaining >:(
finely chopped sashimi quality salmon belly served in top of grainy japanese rice
glazes with wasabi oil and sprinkled with even finely chopped spring onions and japanese seaweed
the reason it is in heart shape coz we couldn't find a ROUND one
those thing dunno wat u call em, to stack food and shape em up

anyhow this lil starter proved to be a hit
guests came back for more and more....and some even had 3 portions
and there's 2 whom went to the counter and stacked it their way on their own
eh...u r not supposed to stack em like hamburgers kay....u need to adjust the right amount of rice vs salmon vs wasabi oil...
so it ended up either too HOT or there's too much rice bla bla bla~~~~~~ T_T

think so easy hor??? see Monkey do u wanna do oso
lil sailormoon only had rice and tonnes of prawns
she lurve prawns!!!! and whacked em all :)))))))))

simple pasta
this is usually wat we have for dinner at home

JS made two portions and all gone before he sempat to eat
hence he named this posting "Feeding Frenzy"

JS: "They were like piranha wor!!!!! everything gone.....I have nothing to eat"

kekekekkeke...ok ok soli Chef....
this shows ur food is yummy kay.....

Saint Veeny taught me to do this Bacon & Avocado salad
which is alwiz a hit!!!!
Thank you *hugs*
can't wait to see u in 2 weeks time :D

JS's roast porkie
this one was "on demand" so he got no choice but had to prepare it for this group of makan frenzies-an

and again, all gone quickly!!!!!
esp its crispy crunchy skin
its meat were soft, moist and flavourful with a gazillion of spices and herbs which he pounded himself

some say it was a porkie orgasm
in fact the bones were gone too.......
truly piranha but so eppy to see ppl eat their heart out at your home

5 diners excluding hosts whacked all 3.3kg of porkie
record breaking!!!!!

roast sweet parsnip and french shallots
simple easy and yummy!!!!!

pressie time!!!!!
and yea again, due to pics of guests will be uploaded
super sensitive these days and I've been getting requests
no uploads/no updates/ no this n that....
ok ok ok ok
we got beautiful Bohemia crystal collection
a cake holder and coasters!!!!
lurve exquisite :)))))))))))
*JS holding it like he won Wimbledon.....yeah he was a tennis state player last time :P*
Banana Tarte Tartine was a hit and it wasn't enuff  :P

it was a great feeding frenzy....
had a good time with u all :)))))))))
will definitely do this again...

we will prepare 5kg of meat for u all
and more pasta
and more desserts.....hahahahaha
and more rice....
wat else yea?


licheng said...

i see you are using the 3D glasses. is the bluray player region free (can play discs from other country)? how much are the discs back home?

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: errr haven't have got time to go and buy yet :P but the pirated one where u can go and download straight to harddisk is bout 8 bucks....

whether it can play PAL or NTSC i really dunno :P kekekkekee but it's made fr Japan full can or not yea?