Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Annam, Scotts Road Singapore

Hah!!! I got u...
u think this is Indian food don't ya?
well after it did sounded Indian

so the guys suggested simple food for lunch over some outstanding wines
well after all the STAR is alwiz the wines...not the food

Annam was just opened on the first week of October 2011
very very spanking new place

and we immediately got swooned over by its French Vietnamese decoration
from cutleries to its interior

Annam is helmed by Chef Nyuyen Quoc Nam
better known as Nam
he aimed to showcase that there's more to Vietnamese food than the usual Beef Noodle *pho bo* and Spring rolls

so Authenticity is the keyword and his philosophy
*well from wat I've garnered from his menu and food and the restaurant...not that I've actually met the man himself*

all the waiting staffs were also vietnamese 
which made communications really really difficult
other than that, the Team did really strived to provide a friendly, top notch and comfortable dining experience for each and every diners here in Singapore

Annam has got this cafe bistro style concept
simple, fuss free and yet never forego quality
well that speaks fr the price tag on its menu

J&J Jelina said the price of one bowl of Pho Bo here can feed a person in Vietnam one month
but is a different in terms of quality and ingredients used here

some deep fried pork spring rolls
the fillings were equivalently as yummy as its skin
sorry I've just got this fascination with Vietnamese Spring Rolls
coz the rice paper that they used are jsut so different

the taste is really fine I tell u
very balance on the palate, not too salty nor single dimensional
good texture with lotsa bite
yea u won't want ur fillings all minced up don't ya?

this ain't pohpiah folks
it's the original Vietnamese spring rolls 
with its delicate fillings of mixed herbs, chives, carrots, pork floss and prawns

another type of rolls
since we didn't know wat to have
and obviously Monkey's 1st time to a Fine Dining Vietnamese cuisine
as opposed to my usual squat-down-by-the-road-side stall in Saigon
*the key of eating in a foreign country like in Vietnam is to have wat the other table have...hahahaha...can never go wrong with locals rite?*

spring rolls medleys~~~~~
with its respective dips

some bamboo shoots salad
sorry I don't even know its name
coz everything was arranged and served

to be eaten with this crispy shrimp crackers

Clams and Basils
the taste is very authentic close as it can...
just that it's a bit cleaner and not too heavy

Pho Bo
beef noodle
u can never ever go without this.....
a good hearty bowl of beef noodle with all its spare parts and condiments
*well not that I'm a spare parts person*

another version of  noodle
just that this one is spicy
somehow it was a disappointment - very flat in terms of taste
or prollie the beef noodle was so tasty that it beat this one.....F.L.A.T.

Pork Stew
very very home cooked style
U can feel that the Chef is trying to re-lived his memories as a child in Vietnam
really a comfort food

Star Dish was a Chargrilled Chicken with spices
the chicken was so tender and juicy to the bite
with the fragrant of kaffir lime leaves all over

everyone was so mesmerised by this kaffir lime zest salt
it just elevated the chicken to another level
highly recommended
just ask them for the chargrilled chicken with lime zest coz I certainly do not know the name of this dish

we had a few bottles of wines there
the rare gem is the Cros Parantoux 1991 by Emmanuel Rouget
mad wine makers :P
so rare u can never buy them anymore and JS been combing the whole South East Asia for stocks
looks like u gotta do wine shopping in Europe and London then.

somehow Vietnamese cuisin dun really pair well with wines
I've insisted of goin to Les Amis for lunch but it was closed for renovation and the folks wanted to try this new place...
all the beautiful herbs, mints, basil and limes just dun go well with burgundy
would love to have this baby again with different type of food.

the gang~~~~~~
M People usually gather together either for Wines, Food or Pokers...

a type of dessert in coconut milk
something like our version of bubur cha cha just that this is more fine

the highlight was this creme caramel with palm sugar
served with crushed ice on top
my favourite ~~~~~~~

no meals can be complete without caffeine hahahahaha
out came the famous Vietnamese Drip Coffee
very very strong which kept me goin for hours and hours and hours of shopping after that
J&J Jelina and Monkey
busy with Baby K
she finally let me carry her coz I've got an iPhone

she looked exactly like her mommy
and that includes thrashing out Loubotins outta its shelves at the boutique
and goes WAH WAH WAH at the handbag boutique
speaking about genes......
well sometimes u have to start them young
even way before they can walk...

We are leaving next week
time to pack the bagssSSSssssss
our 6 dearie bags....tee hee hee
3 for him and 3 for Monkey

flightsSSsss secured? checked
TGV Trains booked? checked
Hotels bookings in all cities done? checked
secured tables for all the yumyum dinners? checked
numerous currencies prepared? checked
culinary cooking classes, hot air balloons, attraction tickets booked? Checked
appointment with wine makers??? eh Mr. JS this one is your department and u have yet to revert back to me...apa machiam????

Annam Vietnamese Restaurant,
Shaw Centre, #02-11,
1 Scotts Road,
Singapore 228208.
Tel: +65 6735 6656
*dun think their website is tat complete yet*


Chasing Food Dreams said...

oo.. rolls & chargrill chicken look fabulous!

Have a great trip and waiting to see yr gorgeous pics!!

CHER-RY said...

Food Dream: Thanks babe!!!!! :)))))))