Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MasterClass with Hot Mama Thevi

Monkey & Hot Mama Thevi bz in the kitchen
I m alwiz intrigued by Hot Mama Thevi's pastries
she does it so easy with flair
and I really wanted to learn something "simple" fr her
esp for an idiot like me...
so it has to be something really really really simple and nothing can go wrong
and of coz something that I'll lurve to chomp on :D
ingredients for the day
we r making CREAM CHEESE PEACH TART!!!!!!
u drooling yet????

first of all we need a kitchen
not just any kitchen...
it has to be a well equipped kitchen like this

chit chatting while waiting for the 1st step to be done
melting the butter over the stove

then u add some sugar into the melted butter....
we r making the tart crust!!!!

I like mixing things :D hahahahhaha
been my job since I was in my grandma's kitchen :P

u can see we were really taking our own sweet time
yes baking should be stress free and fun
and about spending time with loved ones
and knowing us ladies....we can yak yak yak yak non stop :P

next mould the mixture of sugar and butter and flour into the tart tin
hehehhehe so playing with Play-Doh!!!!

Do u ppl grow up with Play-Doh????
visit their website *here*

of coz I was doin it the wrong way coz this ain't Play-Doh
:P my bad my bad

Masterchef to the rescue!!!!
She's such a patient teacher
with explanation on why, how, when, compounds, reactions, precisions etc

after Hot Mama Thevi's rescue....the crust was looking PRETTY again :D
eppy eppy eppy me!!!!!!

bcoz Hot Mama Thevi has got precision and measurement all in her head....
this tart has got no recipe so u just gotta take note as she goes....

then take the pretty crust into the fridge for 5 and oven for 30 mins
hahahah sorry no recipe here....u gotta go to her to learn..

Blind bake the crust with "pebbles" on top to weigh them down
and of coz cover with foil

just like her children with so many questions...
why??? how??? when??? why??? WHY????
sorry I just have got tooooooo many questions :P

so to make this Monkey shuddup....give her more slicing peaches...
but that can neva stop her talking :P

Tatura cream cheese.....made in australia
u can get this brand anywhere

from the tube.....

to her spanking white Kitchen Aid
with a glass bowl
so pretty!!!!

Off topic:
we are selling our BLACK Kitchen Aid with stainless steel bowl 
She is 2 years old....any takers??

while the crust was baking in the oven....
out of no where...out came a beautiful golden crust
*hmmm must be her magic wand*

Hot Mama Thevi has got everything prepared for this masterclass
she baked one tart crust earlier to speed everything up
otherwise we'll need to wait for the crust to chill, then bake....and then to cool down

once the cream cheese with a lil bit of sugar and milk were fluffed up 
time to dunk em unto the crust

the crust smells too yummy someone had to take a bite :D
hahaha nope it just fell off....

la la la la la
fr the pic u can see I'm doin a horribly messy job

Hot Mama Thevi to the rescue
and it looked pretty again :)))))))))))

she even let me assemble this creation!!!!
eppy eppy eppy~~~~

*opppsss the chomp off part was shown in this pic :P*
yeah shows how yummy this tart was tat it has to be eaten way before it was assemble

ok ok a nicer and proper picture
so pretty right?

just then about time the other crust was ready
so outta the oven...but technically it's not ready yet

still need to egg white wash them and return to the oven for another 5 minutes
thank gawd Hot Mama Thevi prepared a spare....otherwise we really really had to wait

my favourite part - tasting time!!!!!

the crust has got such crunch to it
with good nutty texture - but then there were no nuts used?!?!?!?!?!
then comes the savoury salt-ish cream cheese, which melts in your mouth
and ended with the sweetness from chunky bites of peaches

Hot Mama Thevi, Baby Rheanna & Monkey
by that time....the kids already woke up fr their afternoon nap
to a wonderful smell of cream cheese peach tart!!!
well who can resist tat?

Thank you Hot Mama Thevi
so wonderful to spend time with u
and most of all thank u for your patience hehehehehhe
u r such a great teacher that I can't wait for my next "lesson"

I didn't disappoint my Si Fu
made cream cheese peach tart the next 2 days 
while everything was still fresh in my memory
sorry pic taken with iPad 2 hence the mickey mouse quality

my tart didn't look pretty at all esp its crust
need more practice and kung fu!!!
haiiii yak...yak ...yak....!!!!

*still looking at the simple and yet so awesome :D*


neil said...

When making for Roomees? =P~
*thick skin* hehehe

Chasing Food Dreams said...

turning domestic lately? ;)

the peach tart looked fabulous!

licheng said...

yummy yum yum...

Thevi said...

Congrats on the Peach Tart! Next one, Pavlova, k?

Besides the fact that i look like a whale in some pictures, nice blog entry! ;-)

And where's my eyeliner, promised by JS??? Hhuhuhuhuhu...

js said...

Hehe......the eyeliner tool in Photoshop broke down :))))

thevi said...

LOL! I'd break down too, looking at my bare face...LOL!

|*Jasminetan*| said...
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Anonymous said...

how much are you selling the kitchen aid? is it good in condition? :)

Anonymous said...

How much are you selling your kitchen aid for?

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: ok ok I'll make during our next tea session
Food Dreams: yea turning domestic soon....hahaha
Kindy Chai: :))))

Hot Mama Thevi: u dun look like a whale ok!!!!

Hi Janice...yes it is in good condition coz seldom use...kekekeke...u gimme ur email address pls :))

Anonymous..pls give me ur email address and I'll send u the details :))

Anonymous said...

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