Monday, October 24, 2011

YTF and Bubbly Dinner

Bubblies and Carbonated drinks chilling in the huge ice box
Drinks for the adult and kiddos alike
later I found out we had more champagne than this, esp after I've left

It was another weekend of gathering with M People
this time around JoannaYiks hosted the dinner at their Home Studio or Set or Prop or Showhouse
errrr that's wat they called their home
I think Showhouse is more like it :P coz they dun really stay there
when we arrived *as usual the very first few*
I saw pots were boiling broth/stock like a volcano :P

M People alwiz have a theme for their gathering
not the dressing theme of coz...
FOOD and WINES theme

FOOD = YTF, nope it wasn't a spelling error of Wat The Fark but Yong Tau Foo
Wines = something not too expensive *but ended......failed...coz they brought out all the rare and good stuffs to drink*

hey at this rate more good wines to appreciate OK?
coz all the rare gems were used as normal wines for normal gathering with no celebration
and especially to go with food like Wat the FFF....errrr Yong Tau Foo
our Chef for the nite...with his glass of Bubbly....
He as assumed the attire of BLACK at most time and definitely not inspired by Chef In Black Emmanuel Stroobant
Si Fu has got style on his own :D
so while the MEN were bz manning the kitchen....*well who else???*
the ladies were sipping champagne and chitter chattering away
being the curious notti one, I ventured to every nook and corner of this Show House

"Wow nice peaceful view and it's so airy!!!!"
it's a huge Show House I must say with big rooms and ample space for adults and kids to have a gathering like this.

I still kenot believe this is ur Show House
that came along wif all the wonderful toys for Choco Markie that brought back memories of his baby-hood when he was diggin in the playroom
also came with wonderful collection of Daddy's wines....
Chou just came back from Korea and brought these beautiful Red Chilis home
these were used to make kimchis
and I was examining them like an autopsy coz the color looked so fake
there was also "brushes lines" on the chili
"were they painted on???"

nobody answered my questions coz everyone was excitingly discussing about Chou's encounter with a beautiful Korean Actress/Model/Celebrity on the plane...or was it airport???
then later all the Tapau-ed YTF from the best stalls in Singapore laid on the dining table
yeah who said u have to make em right?
after all it's only to accompany the wines.....
Jo the Designer, also Chou's missus made this awesome sour spicy prawns
all of us were diggin into its sweet sour broth
guess this is the level of spiciness M People can tolerate
minced pork with gawd knows wat......
ready to be shaped into BALLSSSSSssss
I went and snooped at the kitchen and saw this....
Ok I don't wanna know but can predict all of us gonna sit on our throne the 1st thing tmrw morning

so peeps...good to have a photog around during session like this rite?
coz there's so much of evidence....
and the Chef said he didn't put anything spicy into the food
yeah u didn't put just found their way into the pot
 I forgot to snap the final product
it's the famous Chinese Mustard Green in Sour and Spicy broth
basically u throw in all ur leftovers fr the fridge/freezer and cook this dish
add on some dried chilis, slices of Assam or tamarind and loads of Chinese Mustard greens

Si Fu add in awesome leftovers such as Suckling Pig, Roast Pork......
J&J Jelina was the only one who brought YTF made in her kitchen
made with love
made with such enthusiasm
made with superior ingredients
and it was so yummy....
gone in seconds!!!!!
she also made Japanese Rice Balls
just for the kids but the adults were bz diggin into them coz it's so yummy!!!
cheers to the Rising and Upcoming Chef in our group!!!!

steamed pork ball wrapped in glutinous rice

Chef L said to Chef Y to soak 300gm of glutinous rice and somehow it ended up a 3kg wholesome of glutinous rice enuff to make Chinese Rice Dumpling to sell at the market the next day

and since 2 chefs were working on the above dish......both thought The Other had salted the pork
in the end, neither .....

Chef L said to steam for 30 mins...Chef Y think 25 is enuff and it was slightly undercooked at the beginning

so folks, as the saying goes....too many chefs ruined the soup!!!!!!
outstanding Chee Cheong Fun fr the most famous stall in Singapore
I dunno where and wat name
served with homemade spicy can die Chili broth with Tou Fu Pok
remember that pot of Red Fiery belacan chili thiny?
but the taste profile was awesome...I had a lot :))))))
just tat it's so spicy that only 5% of us can survive this

but well nothing can beat the Spicy Sour Mustard Green Dish
coz that one was beyond edible :P
yummy!!! truly outstanding!!!! I want this again...but u can refine and retune the spicy-ness to 5 steps lower..... can ar?
yummy Sui Kow
it's like a ravioli, silky smooth with fillings of pork innit
 GOE needed to "rest"
along with the kiddos with their playstations, Nintendo Wii, iPadssssSssss, Gameboy etc
 while the chomping away
Gourmet Cheeses.....freshly flown in, hand carried with care on Business Class from Paris, France
later everything was gone fr this platter
we r pigs and Cows
Flatmate Amy brought this back that very morning
she didn't look tired at all despite her flight that very morning
LOVE love LOVE this shirt!!!!
JSSi Fu Lawrence
later Records were spinning on the player
and the partay goes.....
Yiks were so tipsy he was performing a 70's dance for Monkey
while Brian think he's too sensible to join in and appreciate his champagne more than this
Since the theme was YTF, Keith & Laurel stick by it and brought Tou Fu Fah
I'm so in love with their son :P
the best-est most amazing DURIAN CAKE in the whole wide WORLD
made by this crazy-head-spinner-PMS Auntie
coz she produce as many or as little she likes each day as a hobby
even if u put in ur order...u may NOT get ur Durian Cake...WTF!!!
so warning...dun ever buy this as Birthday cake...else u'll end up blowing candles minus the cake
but all is worth the risk when her Durian Cake is this AWESOME!!!!
the sponge was so chiffon liked...soft and fluffy 
all thanks to J&J who took so many chances and bought this Durian Cake
u know this wasn't the first time we tried to buy this cake...
Brian, Yiks, Ann Liat, Si Fu Lawrence, Chou
the best thing about dining at home is.......u get to come in ur short shorts
hahhahhaha and ur comfy shirts!!!
actually I did tat too :P

u can sit anyway u want
produce as much noise pollution as u can
open as many bottles u can without worrying how much corkage they gonna charge
but most of all good food and GREAT COMPANY!!!
Joanna, Choco Markie, Yiks in the Playroom
heyyy heyyy picture time.......
GOE: zzzzziiinnnkkkkkkk......ZZZZzzzziiinnkkkk....
despite Flatmate Amy interrupted his sweet dreams and ZZZzzz GOE managed a big smile :D
in his messy hair....kakakkakaa

he's definitely happy coz Flatmate Amy is back home from France after touring Bordeaux

all of us sooooo ENVIOUS of ur job!!!!! u need a porter? or perhaps a PA??? I can paint ur nails u know?
I make awesome coffee provided there's a Nespresso ur hair
do makeup and style u up for all ur wonderful evenings...
so any chance of sending my resume in? heeeeeeee :D :D :D
Eppy Drunk Tipsy People
never see James smile like tat before....
the host
yes I agree....sometimes ALCOHOL is the answer....
grumpy JS and Monkey
we dashed home early for some needed rest
while the gang drank more and played poker till 2 am
and the 2.7kg of soaked glutinous rice was still sitting in the kitchen

big Thanks to M People
alwiz awesome to see u all
we truly had an OUTRAGEOUS time

Till the next time and have fun in HONG KONG
tell me all about the food and wine when u r all back

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