Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HRH Birthday at Cilantro

It was an important dinner.....esp when Wines needed to be prepared earlier ahead :P
think it was the 1st time they printed Ms. Cherry Koh menu
a menu created by Chef Takashi and his team
he was so bz running around for the judging event and managing this place

the usual suspects.....who else in Msia???
celebrating HRH's birthday
she flew to KL especially for this dinner :)))) hehehehehehe

I think we so need to tell Prince C that there's no stocks when it comes to oysters...
he can never ever get enuff of these....
okie we r heading to France in 2 weeks time...u can have all the belon and fin de claire every single day at every hour of the day including breakfast....
*I'll die of heart attack watching u consume them*

oh yumssss should b the name of this dish....hahahahhaa
Champagne Vinegar cured Saba fish with Aquitaine caviar
acquitane is the world 2nd largest producer of caviar

we have yet to find out the secret of this champagne vinegar...
think it's a finished product called "Champagne Vinegar"
coz a certain Si Fu was mixing good quality white wine vinegar and KRUG champagne to make these
WEI!!!!! KRUG is for drinking and toasting not for making FOOD!!!!!

and as usual this Si Fu's argument is ...if it ain't good enuff to drink it ain't good enuff for cooking
pokai lar like this if I follow ur SOP!!!
*standard operating procedure*

WUAHAHAHAHA is the name of this dish.....kekekkekeke
Cold Somen Noodles with Sea Urchin
can't figure out the sauce used for this cold somen
very very umami~~~~~

Beignet of Qwehli prawn with Brittany Scallop

I dunno how JS knew Qwehli prawns are organic
and they came fr Mozambique
He must have done some reading on the culinary world recently
*yes the country with a faster internet line than Malaysia.....we were ranked behind them*
**yup the country name that got Johnny English's eyebrows/eyes twitching....kekekekeke**

anyway the scallop was an accompaniment coz the STAR was definitely the prawns
it has a sweet length to it
the bugger was tempura-ed to such perfection...u just need to use ur hands to enjoy this :P
*chomp chomp chomp*
think I can have a basket of these.....

more oysters.....see I told u not to order oysters!!!!!
Oysters and truffle soup
very seldom to pair oysters and truffle together
so u'll get this metallic sweetness with earthy tone and some greens

1st wine for the nite..... a crazy Sylvain Cathiard
bahahahhaha only a first cru...but already so good...
can't imagine Grand Cru though!!!
all wines for the evening were blinded
but we need more meat to go with the red

 yak yak yak yak yak
yak yak yak yak yak
chomo chomp chomp chomp
yak yak yak yak yak
Fillet of Loup de Mer with Kabu sauce
so simple rite?
but super yummy
sometimes the best thing in the world is just simplicity

roasted foie gras with unagi on brioche bread
we were guinea pigs/lab rats for this.....

more complicated on the palate compared with Chef's speciality of unagi and foie gras *the sandwiched ones*
but very very rich....
suits those looking for a rich creamy palate

out came a RARE La Tache
coz Leroy's label was still on it :P
*finger crossed for our DRC appointment......pls accept us~~~~~ pls pls pls I promise not to monkey around ur wine cellar and vineyard*

so drinkable it wasn't enuff for us....
well good wines alwiz ain't enuff
JS handed Chef a glass and I can't remember if he told him wat it was :P

velvety very very velvety......

eppy days are here again!!!

the best beef by far at Cilantro
just simple Grilled Wagyu with its natural jus
good portion too....me like soooo much!!!!

somehow all of us ended up packing 30% of it
and when the SUN rise the next morning...it was all gone to a certain Prince's stomach
*eh no more beef???? :(((((*
**I dun mind a glass of wine and THIS BEEF for breakfast!!!!!**

came with a good mixture of grilled vege
from kale to asparagus, leeks and french potatoes
was tat a carrot or capsicum?

Her Royal Highness has got rosy cheeks
she's so up to date in terms of fashion
animal prints are so on!!!!!
she got this fr UK
and one pic with Monkey!!!!!
I lurve my vintage dress too :D

our can-really-makan guests

the ever efficient and dynamic team of Cilantro
dun think we can ever get such service elsewhere in Malaysia
since I have got time these days, do u think they ever accept any interns?
even washing and cleaning?
it will be amazing to have an experience in such kitchen

I've already enrolled us in a cooking class next month in France
just a day thingy for chipmunks like us
but none of them were interested....

come on!!!! it's a culinary class!!!
once in a lifetime experience
yet they were not keen :(((((
they rather do more winery visits

out of the 4 only me who dun cook wanted to do this

WHITE PEACH and raspberry with vanilla ice cream
hmmm these days u can get white peach at selected supermarket
it's really sweet!!!

a simple chocolate roll like this was so yummy
think it was full valrhona in there :P

pressie time!!!!
think she would prefer YSL but then again the whole boutique ran out of stocks
apparently some Mak Datin went there and ta pau-ed the whole shop

HRH definitely had a great time
with her birthday party...heheheh
coz when she's back home..there's more party for her there
from golf to karaoke and dice game Balut
wat a life!!!! I wanna b happening like her when I grow old :D

Thank you to Cilantro for this special arrangement
Food was amazingly outstanding
now I'm hungry thinking bout it
*I'm perpetually hungry huh? bottomless stomach*
services were alwiz top notch
Thank u again :D

Tonite it's Sage turn...haven't been there for a month already

Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8082


Baby Sumo said...

The food looks so decadent laaaa.

CHER-RY said...

Baby Sumo: Yeah it was...coz it's a special occasion mar...

Haris said...

Happy Birthday HRH!
We are at a cake meeting with Veeny, seeing the lovely blog! :)

CHER-RY said...

Hello Author. Nice "meeting" u here. Believed we haven't meet each other and hope u had a blast at Veeny's party!!!!