Thursday, October 06, 2011


Taking time off from posting vacation pics...
there'll be loads and tonnes of vacation photography coming your way for the next few months

oso some time off FOOD pics coz they are making me FAT
if I can get hungry looking at my own food pics, I can't really imagine u peeps :P
*ok I m hungry now~~~~*

Glitter pumps have been all over this year
from the runway to red carpet events
dinners, cocktails
but I haven't got a pair
Benson Chen
a very very young *and good looking* talented funky shoe designer in Malaysia
currently u can buy his creation from Twelve by MIFA at Fahrenheit 88
that's along Jalan Bukit Bintang

Christian Louboutin
with its famous red sole~~~~
need I say more???

I think by far Khloe Kardashian has got the most Louboutins in the closet
Monkey can't afford kekekekekeke
yes I would rather get a bag at that price :P

hmmmm she just gave me some idea to merchandise my shoe cupboard
by criss-crossing each pair u can actually put more
YAYYY yipppeeee I can buy more shoes now
*coz there's traffic jam and congestion in there now*

Miu Miu dearest~~~~~

another pair by Miu Miu
lurve lurve lurve the texture!!!!!!
if u r not into investing in shoes
then get this pair fr Zara which is so affordable
Forever 21
even they have got a nice design

better still!!!! even cheaper :P

I haven't been shoe-shopping since .....errr.... July
later I'll re-merchandise my shoe cupboard so there's more reasons to buy
rite rite rite????

tee hee hee
hiak hiak hiak
oppssss..........^O^ ho ho ho ho

I'll bring a bigger luggage bag tmrw to store my purchase 
sigh just ctrl and dun go to this certain-bag-place
else DIE
die even before I step foot to Paris

anyone has got any cure for shopaholic? Bagaholic? shoeaholic?
this issue seriously needs to be addressed

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