Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Snacking in Hong Kong

the ladies bz chomping before goin to bed :P
yea it's alwiz non-stop stuffing our faces with food in HK
but u can't blame us coz there's just too much of food around kekekekeke

"Watcha havin?"
"it's succulent deep fried baby octopus marinated in thick sauce"

"and yours?"
"meaty thick sausage....it's good yo!!"
this is a very rare chance of uploading such pics into this blog :P
thanks to photog JS

"I'm having Kai Tan Chai"
yea the famous egg waffle/eggette
a good kai tan chai should have such eggie nose
with crispy outer shell
*I missed Bo Innovation's kai tan chai, read about it here*
but nothing beats the photog
so passionate eh? kekekekkeke
hey mate, it's only a steamed chicken..and u dun eat poultry anyway
*talkin bout poultry I have problems with my reservations in Japan....No Chicka? yes no chicka no duckie no goosie no foie gras des ka? but me.... Monkey everything oso can des...wakarimasu ka?*
JS doesn't snack....it's weird huh?
he only takes 3 main meals a day with strict calories intake
such a healthy person whom I should emulate...
errrr a bit difficult for me....:P
with such different lifestyle and preference we still manage things around under one roof
how eh? :P


licheng said...

Pork pork pork! and fish :D

CHER-RY said...

hahahhaha pork in japan u mean? :D
yea their kurobuta is good. Can't wait man!!!