Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Funny Mountain Toufu Fah, Ipoh

Funny Mountain Toufu Fah has been in operation at the very same place since 1950
it's the best place for Soy products from the soya bean drinks to the soya bean curd

It is also our last stop usually before departing back home
must alwiz take-away the famous Ipoh salt baked chicken and this soya bean hehehehehe
there's a choice of dining...
either u have em in ur car...
just queue accordingly and someone will come and serve u

otherwise just walk over to this lil stall make ur order and have it there
u can also do take-away
service is fast and friendly
so for the first time we opted to "eat-in"
coz didn't wanna mess up someone's car(s) kekekekekeke

Prince C's natural skin color is so fair....thanks to loads of GOLF every single day
he's now more tanned than the construction workers outside :P
*well that applies to JS too*
no no no that's not the price for Soya bean nor Soya Bean Curd
can't be that expensive...
it's the price of Ipoh White coffee by the packs
While Prince C was comfortably seated waiting for his Toufu Fah
JS was bz walking around snapping pic
Monkey & Kee Kee had to queue up for food >_<
obliged a "smile" just for the photog
lotsa newspaper snippets which tell the story of Funny Mountain Toufu Fah
but I can't read chinese
apparently the soya beans were imported from Canada
so I supposed the secret lies in their process of making em?
heaven.......I'm in heaven~~~~~~~~~
RM 0.90 for a small bowl
it was silky smooth.....the moment u put the spoon into ur mouth.....
tilt the spoon a bit...the silky smooth soft Toufu Fah glides down into your tongue first...
before proceeding its journey all the way down ur throat into ur eppy stomach
too silky smooth I couldn't feel anything!!!!!!
one bowl ain't enuff!!!!!

eating among all the plastic bowls for take-aways
I like the rustic....
eh Mr. JS ar...this pic is so unflattering...
when Prince C sees this...he'll...... u :P
nobody likes to be photographed gobbling down food :P

Funny Mountain Toufu Fah
49, Jalan Theatre,
30300 Ipoh,

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