Friday, August 12, 2011

Mediterranean Sea

JS watched sunset alone 
not just any sunset but a rather beautiful one :))
yes I know u missed me :D
 he photographed very beautiful moments these days
afterall they said a pic speaks a thousand words
Mediterranean sea almost never have a tide system because it's landlocked from north to south
but it's so beautiful with the deep blue color

shall we plan Greece and Cyprus again next late Spring/summer? 
at this rate, I need to do sabbatical leave for 12 months :))))

thank u for roaming the Earth with me
that's the most beautiful thing ever :)))))))


js said...

Yeap. This was taken at Limassol beach front. Long beach n can walk for hours n pass lots of old........very old ruins like amathus. Infact remnants of the old port still exist. Certsinly we will go back there............maybe this year end can do quick trip :))

Anonymous said...

aawwwww.....that is so sweet!


CHER-RY said...

*sheepish smile*