Thursday, August 11, 2011

Work work work......and FUN

one of the events last month - July
I lurve the flowers arrangement so much :)))))))))

everything was just so so so perfect and accordingly to wat I wanted it to be
from the food to the ambience, the mood, the launch, the presentation
even guests turned up at their very best
my friends are alwiz envious that I get to drool at my models
that I get to choose which model I want
how to style them etc etc

well my line of work things are not wat it seems OK?
yeah I get to do all the above but then again I relied heavily on my stylists etc
and certainly I dun drool at my models
food were perfect as well
at iL Lido :)))))))
creation from Chef Andrea were amazingly good
a big THANK YOU to the AMAZING TEAM for making this a success

and of coz Bionic Bonnie for all the beautiful pics
yeah I bullied ppl too much now kena bullied back :D
one eppy pic of me after the event has finished
smiling fr ears to ear
very seldom u can see tat
another event tmrw
wish Monkey luck!!!!!


Anonymous said...

well..I'm so proud of u..u did a great job! hmm..might not be easy though..but I'm sure you do enjoy seeing the results. GOOD LUCK!
(ohh ya...ur red bag is outstanding ^^)

licheng said...

was this the event you mentioned about last month? great job!

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: Thanks babe :) yeah lurve my Chanel so so much kekekekekekeke

Kindy Chai: yeah it was good job by the team but tonnes of room for improvement....u know I'm a super perfectionist....kekekeke....tonite another one :D