Monday, August 22, 2011

Object of Desire 0012

Colors for Fall Winter 2011 are so so so beautiful :)))))))))))))
I dun have this color
and I dun have this design!!!!
judging fr its's quite a huge bag
the length is about 40cm...
I hope they have Medium size for Asian frames like me :D
this tote bag is also very versatile for work
can fit iPad and documents perfectly :D
and I dun have this design nor color...hehehehehe
looks like I've already done up my shopping list for Europe trip
well partially...the rest are still on going
I have my eyes set on a few pieces

shopping in Europe is pretty dangerous
coz u can never plan
I ended up with more than 10 bags last winter -_-"
hurt my pocket so much *bohoooohohohohohoho*

ok ok let's not plan this trip....
just buy...
but then again...sigh...dom dee dum I dun trust meself

but...but...I've only bought one bag for meself this year!!! *YSL Roady*
I've been such a great wonderful amazing gal!!!!
*yeah after spending on so many bags last more $$$ to spend on bags this year*



js said...

Actually I kind of ilkE the tote bag too. :)

neil said...

Very nice ketupat bags! The blue is a nice shade, Bee Ree, but is it quite you? :P

CHER-RY said...

JS: that tote bag is a smaller lady version...there's a bigger one for men if u like :)))

Nee Lee: yeah u r is so not me rite? maybe orange would be great...wuahahahahaha