Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ngau Kee Beef Noodles, Tengkat Tong Shin

this was a prelude after our dinner....kekekekeke
the famous beef noodle stall that all of us used to frequent
hmmm usually after clubbing...kekekekekeke..
since I haven't really club for ages *signs of aging* so this place was kinda forgotten :P

when we were there by 10pm it was still quiet and empty coz the crowd has get to gather in
and nope were didn't go clubbing...hahahaha
lemme re-iterate it was after our dinner :D
this place hasn't really change that much
still the same owner same bowl same tables and chairs

this place is really rustic but fret no....coz lil black long tail friends aka RATS were nowhere to be seen
actually it is considered very very clean ady
innards of a cow
I only like tendons :P

every table has got this standard utensils
white pepper, soya sauce, homemade chili sauce, toothpick chopsticks spoons saucer
hmmm one thing missing tissue paper :P
and then the action begins......
crowds were pouring in
it alwiz seems like we brought in the crowd no matter where we dine
blanched the noodle....
immersed in I dunno cold/warm/hot water
flip it a few times to remove excess water
it was so fast!!!!
while waiting for the noodles to be prepared
we were served beef meatballs and beef paste balls
and the yummy al-dente noodles
with minced beef in sweet savoury black sauce

all for RM 5.50
where can u get noodles at this price in KL these days

the cost of living has escalated so much
purchasing power has dropped
I dunno........I can get a cup of cappucino in Singapore at SGD 4 and in Malaysia at RM 9
crazy yo!!!!
pls dun even mention at more "Atas" place it cost about RM 45 per cup....
*faints* gimme a lychee martini then

and last weekend Munchy told me based on latest analysis and results only 10% of Msians earn RM 100k per annum
only 10%??????
do u know that RM 100k = SGD 40.8k = Euro 23.8k = USD 32.25k
-_-" wat kind if country is this?
okie back to the post I dowan to upset meself

and when the noodle came
the silence came too
everyone was busy digging in
oh super yum
Peakie D was so eppy coz she hasn't been to this place for quite some time ady
I was eppy to be able to indulge wif JS snarling at me :P
eh it's only one small bowl of noodles

the beef noodle soup is oso very nice with its beefy stock
well next time perhaps :)))
u can choose many different types of noodles
the meatballs was the most awesome of all

wanna come back again soon :)))

Ngau Kee Beef Noodle
No address
a lil stall along Tengkat Tong Shin


licheng said...

RM5.50??? that's gold!!

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: next time i bring u here :D

licheng said...

you read my mind, i was just gonna ask you that! :D

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: hahahah tarak masalah!!!