Thursday, August 04, 2011

Our love for Vino :D

sneak peak :D
ever since after Flatmate Amy & GOE's wedding
JS been loading on these wines...........
the label wasn't "serious" at all
it did not evoke such an impression but makes one wonders....why those egyptian-inspired logo?

this was 3 weeks ago....
so if M People are wondering...nope we dun drink everyday like u guys ok...
at this rate think I'll go bankrupt :P
moreover we dun have a group of really nice generous ppl to share wines with in KL
amuse bouche
it's meant to be bite size and tantalize your taste bud before dinner begins
hamachi with summer truffles
"how come it's white??? izzit tartufo bianco?"
"no...actually shaved off its skin."
hmmm interesting.
well the haze has cleared up a bit...and we can finally see the SUN!!!!
otherwise it's quite common to have a grey day in KL city
Sea eel with foie gras in sweet reduction
the taste of SEA eel was so different fr the usual farmed ones...
cleaner on the palate.
wagyu done perfect pink :D
wagyu beef cheek
somehow I missed a certain beef cheek encrusted with wasabi
well since I was driving, I only had 1 glass of each
of coz my alcohol tolerance is much higher than this
but knowing it is the time of the year...well u dun wanna take the risk with our dearie uniformed forces out there!!!!
time to cari makan :P
tarte tartine
crispy...I wanna attempt this next :D
I only like the early grey tea ice cream
Sage makes all their ice cream in house :D
and some coffee, tea & cookies to end the nite

again...I look fwd to dinner tonite :D
hmmm thinking hard wat should I have???
should I again stick to degustation or a simple dinner?
think I've gained weight...maybe a simple 3 course dinner instead of the 8 courses degustation
but then again Chef Takashi Kimura will alwiz have something special when Monkey is coming
hmmm so degustation that is....then I shall skip lunch hehehehe

Sage Restaurant & Bar *by Chef Daniel*
Level 6, The Gardens Residence,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2268 1328

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