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Bo Innovation *2 Michelin Stars*

This unique place, I have a special label for it - Extreme Chinese Cuisine
We were pleasantly surprised to be remembered and seated at the very same table we sat last year.

Helm & own by Chef Alvin Leung who was born in London and raised in Canada
He is a self-taught chef who made it to the world's top fifty list.
There's only a few degustation menu here....
with different number of courses depending on how far your stomach and pocket can stretch too
everyone would be so delighted to be served "Kai Tan Chai" in Hong Kong
it's also called Eggette a type of spherical shaped pancake
but trust me...one of the yummiest and healthiest snacks ever

when u come here, do not expect to have wat u see on the menu
not even when the food is presented to u.....it is NOT WAT IT SEEMS
so that's wat we called X-Treme Chinese Cuisine

ok back to the eggette served at Bo Innovation
there were bites of the highly prized Iberico hams
so this kai tan chai has got a balance of sweetness fr the eggs and the savouriness of the ham
we also liked the idea of serving it the street-style with the wax paper :))))))))))))))

see the welcoming snacks already made us so eppy..
either we are easily pleased or this place can really blow ur X-ing mind

JS brought my camera here....smaller otherwise it would looked like we r food critics or journalist
yes my camera aka Sai Farn Shue is the Canon 5D
later Maitre 'D who remembered us *coz we were the only Msian who came here*
presented Garden of Death

Monkey pulled a long surprising face.....realising this Maitre D said "U can also call it Happy Garden....it is entirely up to you."
Monkey: "But it looked so depressing......"

this was the amuse bouche - Garden of Death
with oven baked enoki mushrooms to resemble the dried tired dead trees/plants in the garden
its soil were made from morel mushrooms using a modern process....so it is dry and has a course soil liked texture, hence when the soil lands on ur tongue....it melts and mesmerize u with the taste of 100 pieces of Morel mushrooms in ur mouth.
Iberico 36 with morel foam and morel vermicelli wrapped up inside
the vermicelli was home-made and has got a good texture
Iberico is alwiz very very welcome in our diet...wuahahahahahaha
Terra - Shao Hsing, escargot, watermelon gelee, garlic flowers, porcini and chives
the escargot was so nice!!!!! very well balanced :))))))
Foie gras stuffed inside bamboo pith!!!!
who would have thought!!!! gosh!!! served with chinese wood fungus
so the bamboo pith has got very good crunchy texture and the liver was heavenly...
just melts~~~~~
I would kill for this....
seared scallop for Mr. JS coz we specified no poultry for him
and forgot to remind Maitre D that this No Poultry Guest takes Foie Gras very very much :P

but it was really good...the green stuffs were kaffir lime, some passion fruits, and potato crisp!!

nyek nyek nyek so Mr. JS....u missed the yummylicious-which-I-would-kill-for-Foie-Gras in bamboo pith :P
Later we were presented Prawn Oil
made solid from Prawns which were slow baked for 48 hours and infused innit
48 freaking hours....how pure :))))))))))))
they also brought out a vacuum packed dried shrimps.....
which then they explained how they pounded it into the powder form
I wasn't listening on the process....hence I forgot about it here....
coz I was busy staring at my plate :P
there was a single raw carabinero prawn wrapped in crispy pastry
with its other end filled with fish roes
it was super sweet...and pls note all its shell were removed including its tail
and this dish is called HAR MI = Prawn noodle
with chili and sage
the noodles was crunchy!!!!

oh Si Fu u must really try this place!!!! or u gimme a date and I will personally bring u there!!!
totally unbelievable
anyway u r supposed to dash some of the prawn oil and the pounded dried shrimp to go along with the noodle
and I cut out the head part....to unveil the juiciness innit
no....dun gimme tat look...U.KENOT.HAVE.MY.SHARE
as much as I love u....NO.
this is the place where it is impossible to share food :P
next came something which was so intoxicating that I inched away :P
wat is this???? I like the bowl and asked them where to get....but it was specially made for Bo Innovation

later they came with this bowl of GINGER SNOW
ginger snow????????????????
yeah the thick stainless steel bowl was almost frozen
put a lil on top of this dish - Oyster with spring onion lime and ginger snow
where's the oyster?????
cold cold cold!!!!!
but super yummy!!!!! and so clinical :))))))
next came out "Pat Chun" sweet vinegar.....
pat chun translate to 8th village or Eight Villages....I dunno...
so they explained the process in creating the next dish
anywaa Pat Chun Vinegar is very famous they have their own website
some spices called "Lam Kok"
I dunno wat do u call em in English
anyway the next dish was Tomato
yes it's just that simple....called TOMATO
which was slow braised 45 minutes in lam kok and pat chun sweetened vinegar
I never thought tomatos can be this good...
they even removed its skin :)))))))))
Happy Boy....and even happier palate + tummy

we were lucky coz this was the last bottle left in their cellar :))))))))))))
as the wine evolved thru the nite.....it was even better.
so we alwiz believed in storage and preparation of wine before consumption
next dish is a signature of Chef Alvin Leung
Xiao Loong Bao
yes as in the famous shanghainese xiao loong bao
all in one spoon in such molecular sphere
the red line u saw that was actually an edible paper
such tiny petite RED String/line and yet fully packed with the taste of pickled ginger
to fully enjoy your meal....please take time to go thru the experience
first presentation....
second nose your food...just like how u would treat ur wines
so the nose for this xiao loong bao was the fragrant sesame oil
next follow the instruction of the Maitre D...
if he said one gulp...no matter how small your mouth is...just do it!!!!!
lastly let the food gives u the pleasure and enjoyment
the molecular xiao loong bao just burst in ur mouth
full flavour can be felt entirely and it's as though u have eaten a basket of xiao loong bao
there was nothing to chew on.....but still gives u the effect and satisfaction of eating xiao loong baos
Coral Trout and sweetbread with oyster and chanterelles mushroom
sweetbread is not a BREAD not pastry
it is a thymus or gland of an animal....u know the part at the neck/throat
so it is either u HATE it lurve it
it has got a rich taste and length
so a small piece is just enuff
Chili Crab
this one must be inspired by chef's visit to Singapore
which part does it looked like chili crab???
ok allow me to explain...ahem.......
he only used the legs of a huge crab...something like alaskan crab
the meat was just placed neatly in one piece on top of the shell
then on top was actually EGG SOUFFLE infused with chili oil
so u dun see a single sight of chili at all and yet gave u the spiciness
then it was baked......
cool rite??????????????
we have a habit or keeping wine corks :))))
Saga-Gyu Beef with black truffle cheong fun
it was the best-est, silky smooth-est cheong fun ever in my life
how did they do it????????????
some fresh sea salt on the side
wat is this???? our 1st dessert
it's called the Sandalwood - "the woos"
underneath were some burning sandalwood which filled the air
even the spoon was designed this way......
u have no idea wat this is!!!!
u know Po Lo Bao??? aka the pineapple bun???
well this is it!!!!! Bo Innovation's interpretation of Po Lo Bao!!!!!!
with pineapple on the side!!!
OMG.....twinkling good!!!!!
it comes with a pineapple juice with white chocolate latte!!!!!

the 3rd dessert was Petit Dim Sum
with Mah Lai Kou which tasted so different coz it's made fr BANANAS!!!!!!

the famous deep fried sesame ball.....instead of black sesame it is CHOCOLATE inside :))))

the last was egg custard mochi!!!!!

chocolates again???? Monkey no likey chocolate...not tat much
but it soon proved wrong bcoz the homemade chocolates were outta this world
the small lil pearlie beads of chocolate were crunchy-licious

some cute lil trinkets to end a wonderful nite
all my favourite childhood's yummy goodness from White Rabbit sweets to the colourful biscuit
and some transparent orange jelly

truly an X-perience as Chef Alvin alwiz promised :)
go read about our first visit last year *here*

Bo Innovation *2 Michelin Stars*
Shop 13, 2F, J Residence,
60 Johnston Road,
Wanchai Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2850 8371

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