Monday, June 06, 2011

Ban Khun Mae Restaurant, Bangkok

amazing pic composed by JS
these are various chili dips from fresh pounded red chilis to roasted green ones

Ban Khun Mae is a fuss free authentic Thai restaurant located at central Thailand 
just right smack at Siam Square
and believe me it's so popular that we have to queue for about 15 minutes

the above pic shows the "salad" station where they prepare all the raw vege with dips and also the popular raw papaya salad....
such a joy to see them whipped yummy goodness in such lightning speed
so in the end the 15 mins wait was spent watching em & my tummy playing symphony no. 5
we ate a lot of RAW FRESH long beans in Thailand
dunno why it's so sweet and crunchy and good
coz usually I dun even touch cooked long beans
the menu is so rustic
painted on wood and individually hand written
waiting for food usually is such a torture.....
but then the service here was so outstanding so we didn't have to wait that long
despite the queue at the lounge was growing
made fr fresh sweet thai pineapple and the other one was watermelon
so refreshing...made me just wanna hit the beach right away....
oh if they could add some Malibu into the pineapple slurpee would be soooooo AWESOME

the famous Tom Yum Goong
we usually settle for clear soup for it's more fiery than the red one
prawns were deliciously crunchy
with thinly finely sliced young shoots of lemongrass, galangal and chilis
they were so tender and young u can actually bite and eat em!!!!
overall the broth was amazing................AMAZING I said!!!!!

JS and a certain someone lurves the Big Head Prawn glass noodle here
but I still prefer the one at T&K Seafood restaurant, Yaowarat
this one has got no porklard and too FINE :P
think my palate is more "street" when it comes to food like this

oh chomp chonmp chomp nom nom nom
lurve the handmade beautiful
and guess wat??? JS let me order Pandan CHICKEN!!!!!
they were amazingly SUCCULENT
so juicy and fully infused with all the spices innit
how did they do it???? the chicken chunks were huge and it came with SKIN
so after the frying process, its skins were CRISPY can die
and the meat inside were JUICY and MOIST
arghhhh I want this again!!!!!
the Thai Kangkung is has MORE leaves than ours
and they fried em with sweet beans
so in every dish there's infusion of SPICY, SWEET, SAVOURY, Sour
this restaurant has got a beautiful Thai musician playing a traditional Thai music
made the ambience so much more cozy
then it's dessert time!!!! we moved over to the dessert station to see the selection and went bonkers
there's the usual sweet cold dessert and also some sweet cakes and pumpkins, tapioca, sweet potatoes
bananas, more cakes, kuehs, and some other sort of dessert I can't identify
my favourite Thai Mango - Nam Dok Mai
chestnut dessert with different fillings
the yellow ares are egg yolk based dessert
while the cute lil ones shaped like mini fruits are BEANS dessert
and those are the end are Thai sweet Jellies
how to eat em????

go check em out at their website

Ban Khun Mae Restaurant,
458/6-9, Siam Square Soi 8,
Rama 1 Road,
Patumwan District, Bangkok 10330.
Tel: +66 2250 1952

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