Monday, June 13, 2011

Object of Desire 0010

Pretty isn't she?
the latest Miu Miu Matelasse Pattina Bag
Green is so in.........
I've already got 3 green
Red would be nicer :D
u can wear it both ways....the front and the back is just so stylish
name of this color: Fuoco :)))))))))
no I.Am.Not.Gonna.Get.You
so u will remain as Object of Desire

again for the last time, I seriously need help with bag addiction
still searching for solutions...
u got a better one? than to starve meself without bags for 4 months and ended up with 8?
if u found any fragrances out there that resembles the smell of leather oso can do...
I just lurve sniffing my leather bags :P
prollie after TODAY I would have maybe...just maybe have the solutions???

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