Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cheung Chau Island, HK

picturestique pic taken by JS at Cheung Chau Island
this place needed no introduction at all

a lil fishing village at a small tiny island
its main transportation are bicycles, motorbikes, trishaw and boats of coz

hundred years ago, its population were living on junks aka boats floating by the seashore
consisted mainly of the Hakka clan fr southern China.
nevertheless today it has prospered so much that Mcdonalds and Starbucks opened their doors
alongside small family owned-runned motels for weekend goers
Today Cheung Chau's main industry is fishing and local tourism
if u remember many of HK's horror film...mostly were shot here
stories of youngsters spending the weekend BBQ in the island.....and something dark came creeping....
they missed their last ferry home and stucked in this island with those not-so-nice dark and creepy things.....hahhahahaha

10 years ago it was dubbed the suicidal island during the recession and many HongKie came here and committed suicide using burning charcoal in their enclosed rented motel room

Well I guess despite the above was true, nothing stops us fr coming here
and of coz we MADE sure we had the latest FERRY SCHEDULE
and vowed not to take the last ferry home!!!!!!
the ferry ride was pretty comfortable and CLEAN
35 minutes journey cost us HKD 22 per head = RM 11

see Monkey can never sit still...
even inside the boat...guess everyone just got exhausted calming me down all the time hahahahha
Resistance is Futile mate!!!!

think we were so "kampong"
once alighted we were running around in GLEE
snapping pics of fishing nets, fishing rods, fishing basket, fishing boats,
and tongs of fresh fish, sea produce clams etc
even Kampong Doggie oso we wanna snap
he must be wondering wat's the fuss about......
tsk tsk tourists.....

and then he went back to snooze....
awwwww this doggie is so adorable....
did u notice that Doggie is so clean????

this island's exploration is possible by foot
but if u feel a lil bit adventurous u may oso rent a bicycle and go around
Monkey says no thank you....

1st stop: Buy local dried seafood produce!!!!
we bought the yummiest salted fish ever!!!!!
the lady-boss was so kind to chop em into perfect portion-pieces
and vacuum packed it for us :D
and due the season there weren't any dried oysters :(((((((((
usually it's the size of a curry puffs!!!!

these ppl consume dried STAR FISH as well....
they boiled em in soups
then there's dried SEA HORSE
and more weird looking sea creatures...
next we went shopping for our dinner
the format here is either u order everything at your chosen restaurant
or go to a local Fish Market/shop/outlets and choose your own fresh produce
everything goes by weight
blanched fresh prawns
served on its own.....with nothing but its own sweet juice and ROEs :)))))))))))
Mantis Prawn deep fried Salt & Pepper style
suckling finger licking good
and the laydee made sure every single mantis prawns has got roes innit
guess it was the right time of the month - spawning period when its was caught
stir fried vege with "breathe of fire"
dunno why all vege here are so sweet and crunchy
the local KangKung they called it Hollow Vegetable
it has got lesser leaves...and bigger hollow stalks
but then it is crunchy and not fiberous
bamboo clams, the size was defnitely bigger than our thumbs
steamed fish......sea fish
forgot the name of this fish but very very delicate
not to forget the famous live and fresh scallops still swimming in its shell
steamed with garlic and glass noodle
easy simple and clean taste

the above dinner plus fresh ingredients
inclusive of fresh cold iced beer cost less than RM 50 per head :D
so if u r yearning for cheap fresh great amazing seafood with an ambience *yep we were dining by the sea under the stars* this is the place to be

for something hilarious to brighten ur day.....*well I needed tat today*
there's this farnie spoof clip shot in this very same island at the restaurant just down the road
*Click here* to view

I forgot the name of this restaurant
but it is the last one along the stretch of seafood al-fresco restaurants
at the junction of Pak She Fourth Lane
next to a basketball court.


J2Kfm said...

Great. And cheap too, surprisingly. Should have ventured over for a try. Was spending days in HK/Macau but didn't venture out much.

js said...

Besides HK$ is weak. RM1=HK$2.5!!

CHER-RY said...

J2KM: u can alwiz go again another time....very short journey via fast boat = 35 mins

JS: ohhhh was it? I tot it was RM 1 = HKD 2

shawnkielty said...

Nice write up. I'll be there tomorrow.