Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Miele Guide 2011

Have u vote????
if not pls move ur ass to *click here*

voting has been extended to end of June 2011

Monkey voted for:

1) Cilantro Restaurant, KL - Malaysia
still the best, indisputably the BEST restaurant in Msia for a decade
Cilantro was placed 8th in the whole of Asia for Miele Guide 2010. No words can fully describe this place...U must go and see for urself :))))))))))))))

Read bout one of our visits *here*

2) Sage Restaurant, KL - Malaysia
the sister restaurant of Cilantro is still one of our casual hang out place
no frills, simple and great food.

My posting out of many posting about them until I dun post bout them anymore coz a certain someone said it's like my canteen -_-. *click here* to read.

3) il Lido Italian Restaurant, KL - Malaysia
I was there yesterday for a meeting :P the food is rustic and good....just the way Italians wanted it...with emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Been here so many times that I oso dun blog bout it coz my readers will complain reading bout the same place...hahahaha do you?

Anyway u can *click here* to read bout our 1st visit last year.

4) Les Amis, Singapore
Voted at number 11th last year.....sumtimes makes u wonder about the voting system. There are also many UN-deserving restaurants in the list...I think Les Amis deserved a different list fr some of the restaurants featured in Miele Guide....totally irrelevant. Les Amis is not an everyday restaurant *perhaps for a few it is* this is the place to have special occasions and important wine dinners....or just gathering with friends. Their Sommelier, Tim is the top in town whom we alwiz consulted for advises and preparations.

Read bout my special occasion aka my birthday celebration lar *here*

5) Jade Palace, Singapore
I was so EPPY EPPY to see their restaurant got listed for VOTING!!! yeahhhh Hongkie Ho, your restaurant deserved more than a Miele Guide.....and we lurve your wine/champagne list :)))))

Looking at the pics made me missed my minum gang so soooo soooooo much......aiiizzz.....

*click here* to read bout our toasting session at Jade Palace

6) Shinji, Singapore
the place to be for SUSHI.............aaaaa the grainy fat round textured grains....the freshest produce fr the sea...the art....the expertise....the's all there...They can even convert non-sushi eater to chomp on sushis like there's no tmrw!!!!!!

our out of body experience at Shinji *here*
7) Lung King Heen, Hong Kong
the very first CHINESE Restaurant to earn 3 Michelin Stars. FYI Michelin Stars and Miele Guide is different yea....pls remember Michelin Stars rating is the highest above all.

Anyway Lung King Heen is also the first restaurant in HK to be awarded 3 stars after years and years of observations and reviews. Authentic Cantonese cuisine and outstanding wine list, they also have a Master of Sommelier....there are only 300 in the world. With Randy of Les Amis group being one of them....hooooraaay...

We went there 2x bout I've only blogged bout them once *here*
8) Yung Kee, Hong Kong
the place to go to for Roast GOOSE!!!! They were at number 12th last year in the Miele Guide and we were just there last month.....Yung Kee have other outstanding dishes as well.

*click here* to read
9) Bo Innovation, Hong Kong
heheheh I just blogged bout them yesterday.....the place to be for X-treme Chinese Cuisine....even if u r not a fan, do go with an open mind and see the limits and creativity of Chef Alvin Leung and his team.

if u r lazy to go back to previous post....*click here* to go straight to the posting
10) Baan Khanitha, Bangkok
Monkey celebrated her birthday here last month :))))) Extremely authentic with very warm service
We must come to this place again here.....

to read wat we have last month at Baan Khanitha *click here*

So there u have it my Top 10 selection for these countries...
restaurants like Guy Savoy and Robuchon were also listed but me no vote...
coz I've never tried their Asian establishments...only been to their restaurants in Paris

and Monkey don't vote for restaurants that dun deserved to be in the list but most of all I dun vote for places that I've never been.

there are also a few lil gems that I would like to see in that list for next year...
such as Gattopardo Italian Restaurant in Singapore....

so Good Luck to all the restaurants out there :))))
lotsa tummy LOVE fr Notti Monkey :))))))

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