Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prince C's big bash

it was a really big dinner which was planned weeks in advance
friends from abroad flew in from Spore and Australia for this
or those who simply lurve to test their mean machine, crossed the causeway :))))
pretty long menu but can't beat the wines
we have more wines than food and Sommelier Timothy helped out with arrangement
all the way fr Singapore...
this is wat I call...remote-management.....hahahaha
it would be fantastic if he can join us here but we can't take him away fr Les Amis for a nite could we???
Monkey & I-Ching and yes she is very very tall
even with my 6 inches heels I looked like a hobbit
Birthday boy Prince C and I-Ching
need to take a nice pic while everyone is still sober and pretty
GOE flew in the same day
both of them share the same birthday *but different year*
Flatmate Amy & GOE
I seriously need to change ur nick already Amy....coz u r no longer Flatmate
upgraded status....hehehehehe unless u consider tat downgrade :P
Monkey & Si Fu!!!!!!!
we started off with 3 dozens of oysters :P
actually not a lot considering there's so many of us plus Birthday Boy alwiz have a dozen by himself

amuse bouche and by that time we already had a champagne and 3 white wines
more oyster!!!!
tartare of scallop and oyster with caviar and its jus
cold pasta is a must have
cold capellini with king crab and mentaiko
eppy eppy Monkey but she can't drink much coz she's driving!!!!!
initially we were contemplating to take a cab to and fro but then by popular demand *including meself* we wanted to head to Soo Kee for supper so die die must drive!!!!
the other side of the table....the restaurant should provide us walkie talkie to talk to each other
but being us, we just moved around fr end to end
next course was the crowd's favourite
confit of white asparagus with lobster and mollet egg
combine the egg yolk and gelee and YUM
i forgot to wipe my plate clean with bread :P *the Italian way*
hot pasta
tagliolini pasta with shirauo and yukari
shirauo = must be the white bair
yukari = type of seaweed???? we dunno
King George Fillet with Morel and spinach puree
the fish was fantastic, just the right portion
due to my cholesterol level, this one has to go to tapau bag
roasted foie gras with pear and periguex
busy diggin in......nom nom nom nom nom nom
wagyu tenderloin with bavette
somehow there's another selection of main - Pyrenes lamb with houba miso
and I forgot to snap pic of it
line up of the nite......
allow me to introduce
the ever green Dom Perignon 1996
well it is the vintage of that decade
Haut-Brion 93 and I think no one can pick this up
this one was my favourite....Chevalier Montrachet hehheehe
last time we dun spend on Grand Cru white wines....now we do :P
well it doesn't make sense rite if white wines cost as much as red????
anyway we never turned back after tat
who brought this yea??????
this one was easy to pick up....hehehehehehehe
21 years old wine....
the other bottle of champagne...Salon blanc de blanc
of coz everyone preferred this over the mass produced Dom Perignon

we should open an a bottle fr ambonnay lar...
if only we have more stocks from Ambonnay those rare maker...
*time to go to Artisan to load more stocks liao*
La Chapelle was too young and everyone thought it was non-french...
FAVOURITE of the nite......1989 Barbaresco
it was very rounded and complete...
hmmm I dunno how to define the "completeness" of this bottle but very very drinkable
Munchy brought a 1976 his oldest vintage in his cellar *for the time being*
thanks mate
Connoisseur TH brought a Sauternes a sweet wine for our foie gras
very good nose and palate
this one.....O_O
a 1967 Gaja
a 44 years old wine....even older than the bday boy
just by touching its bottle......the boys knew it's a Gaja
just by looking at its red neck...they knew it's in the 60's range

and the story of Munchy whackin Alcoholic Anonymous for not delivering his order of 1967 we knew it has got to be the one
Prince C managed to source this bottle of Petrus 1970
I'm not a pomerol fan and my last bottle was years ago a 1966 pomerol
and it is still SO BIG!!!! very big wine and definitely needs a longer cellaring
the thorn out of all the old world wine...came an Aussie
a 1988 Henschke Cyril.....
Face Off starring GOE and Petrus
Romantic movie I lap u - starring GOE *again* and Gaja 1967
but the real true love story will come soon this month end :)))))))))))))
hey mates, I have yet to buy my dress for that big day....
we gonna play Mafia!!!!! yeaaaaaa!!!!!!!
Connoisseur TH & Lovely Priscilla
with his glass of Sauteners I think...hehehehehe
the BFF the boyfriends the mates
Munchy & Wei Nee
this photo took so many shots coz the man had to talk and move during the shoot
and Wei Nee is perpetually every ready for the camera :)))))
the most photogenic couple!!!!!! J&J :))))
TQ for coming...hope u had a great drive with the mean machine :))))

Alcoholic Anonymous and his even more anonymous missus fr Adelaide
our pres-dessert of Vacherin
advertising for Gaja :P
drink Gaja and u'll be awesome
*pls dun tell Angelo or Gaia Gaja that*
his fav bottle and my fav of the nite

"I wish for my Ferarri(s) to come faster!!!!!"
then the cake arrived.......
one year older one year wiser....
and best of all...he really has grown up coz he can now consume CHILIS!!!!!!
bravo bravo!!!!
aaaaawwwWWWWwwwwww SWEET!!!!!!!
they looked like bride and the groom for the nite
bday boy making a toast

if want Ferrari need to buy number first....so he's drawing for numbers
so after much calculation based on our bets....we could win up to 6.8 million
yes that's about enuff to buy the mean machine...plus more wines!!!!!
and yes we wanna drink DRC RC

bday boy's pressie of DRC La Tache and Anne Gros *wat was it again*???
now he can go and start his collection of DRC
our dessert of Feuillantine of chocolate with pistachio ice cream
the remains of the mutilated bday cake
looks like Si Fu is givin someone a punch here
GOE was sweating or almost wanna pengsan

I promised I won't do it again!!!
actually GOE speaks and behave like SeeToh fr the Makansutra programme

J&J Jelina deep in discussion on the wine notes
y so serious????
sous-sommelier of the nite
is there such occupation?
Missy at her 2nd outing :))))))
actually there's more wines which we didn't open....
a Mouton Rothschild
Prince C & I-Ching
Happy Birthday again!!!!!!

and a big thank you to all the dearie friends!!!!!!

Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8082


LianneK said...

ahhh face hidden, no wonder i did not notice earlier :-D ... you guys looked like you had fun :-P

CHER-RY said...

Lianne: They are Anonymous couple mar...kekekkee