Thursday, April 28, 2011

Burger King

we were at Zurich airport and Burger King sits at the very end hidden
prollie they imposed that all fast food outlet must be hidden
coz when u stepped into the airport, all u see were oysters and caviar bar
with champagne and all :P

and more gourmet outlet selling foie gras, more CAVIAR, chocolates, etc

by lookin at its needs at least 6 hours to dine here
coz everything must try :P
the portion are huge here....the burger is the size of my face
I think those in the States must be even bigger.....kekekekekek
yes that's the name on the menu

R&D staffs in Burger King must had been playing too much of ANGRY BIRDS
quite spicy and that's wat we wanted :)))))))))))))
a layer of green pickled jalapeno innit
oh yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we dun get Angry Whopper in Malaysia
even Thailand has it :((((((((((
*counting days to Bangkok & my Thai Chicken Rice :))))))))))))))*
Jalapeno Cheesy bites :P
guess we were deprived of chilis by then.....hahahahaha
oh in Malaysia we dun get Jalapeno Cheesy bites!!!!!
*no wonder we dun go to Burger King here*
or better still go to their main site at


LianneK said...

angry bird sauce and jalapeno sounds so lethal! lol .. but looks really good and tempting! Hmm ... I´ve not seen them here .. perhaps its new on the menu?

CHER-RY said...

Lianne: hello there!!! I think it's only available at selected countries :)