Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Paul Bakery at Dubai

Paul at Dubai......yep u got it :P

Founded in 1889 by Monsieur Mayot it is now so commercialised like 7 Eleven
at every nook and corner of France and around the world

above was my cuppa of Cappucino and Parmesan Croissant

I missed croissants fr Paris :)))))))))))
they are the best!!!!!
even fr the normal down to earth and super humble bakery by the street

well speaking of Paris....I have yet to finish blogging bout it
blueeeekkkkk :P
and my next holiday is lurking around the corner ready to give me surprises!!!
huaaaa hahahahahahahahha...
don't u just lurve holidays?? :))))))))))))
ok back to the yummy crusty pastry
Lemon Tart!!!!

more tarts!!!! Raspberry tarts :)))))))))))
the background was the apple tarts.

guess we are tarts freaks!!!!! kekekekeekeke
read more at their website:

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