Friday, April 15, 2011

Chinese Food in Switzerland

Baby Wei, Fabian, Roth, Monkey

all of us looked pretty tired and stoned here
coz it was a super long long long day
suffering fr jet lag, this pic was taken at 4 am Msian time
and the boys were cursing Monkey for ordering a yummy Turbot fish with BONES for them to dig

"I'm gonna tell Brandon that Cherry brought us for dinner this late....and she ordered FISH for me to eat!!!! Haiyooo~~~~~"

sorry boys, I know ur eyes can't open no more by then
and u got a train to catch to Zurich!!!
but u dun have any idea the trouble Ms. Monkey took to locate and source the best Chinese Restaurant in the whole town

aiks...the food so-so lar...wat do u expect rite?
next time I cook Maggi Mee for u....yummier :P
afterall the tagline says it to cook, good to eat!!!!

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