Monday, April 25, 2011

Bar Rouge, Switzerland

it's all RED....well Rouge means RED anyway
this place only liven up 2 weeks in a year...and it's packed to the brim
thank gawd we are petite enuff.....kekekekekekeke
perched on the top floor of the highest building in the whole of Basel
it's pretty scary though coz our table was just by the glass window
no steel bar or anything to block drunkards fr crashing banging the glass window
the view would be fantastic during the day with all the Swiss mountains
and believe me...since it's so's so HAWT!!!!
yeah in terms of temperature and people.....-_-
Monkey & Baby Wei
one pic of us....sober....
can't see the view at the back...we actually wanted a pic of us + view

basically it's everyone fr the industry
guess we can't get enuff of each other during the day

boss of Italy....err is tat a Moet u serving us?
talking bout Italy...I have yet to shop for my Mafia Chic dress for a VVIP event this weekend
Baby Wei and the Botaks....
fr Italy and Spain

her fav of the nite fr Romania
hmmm suddenly it felt like Macho/Cute Pageant
just like beauty pageant huh?
coz in this industry the men definitely out-numbered the ladies
so ladies....there's more eye candy for u all.
our dearie colleague.....crashed onto the sofa ady....
Greg has got really big hands *as compared to mine*
Mall looked so tipsy here.....she can't locate the camera
we took so many shots but none of it that she focus on the camera -_-
"it's over there darlin!!!!" pointed Greg

and this crazy gal didn't zzzzz the whole nite and went back to work in a few hours time
lookin perfectly fine and professional..

the next day at work....
"Cava Mallorie? Bien? D'accord?"
Mall: "Je suis bien Cherry.....merci.." and gave me the sweetest smile
Group Picca!!!!!
the CORUM family :))))
Hyper Clare, Nasser, Damien and Greg
we spotted a red lobster among the mermaids and fishes
our dearie sexay hawt intern Lucie

well everyone worked seriously hard during the day
but partay-ed harder at nite
I dunno at this rate every long everyone can last

with full schedule during the day....
and fuller by nite
all I can identify was my Monkey feet were so sore with all the standings during the day and dancing at nite

and guess wat considered we went home early :P
by 3am.....kekekekkekekeke...
yea the 9.30am appointment kept on ringing in our head we can't afford to partay till sunrise

Bar Rouge
Ramada Hotel,
Messeplatz 10,
4058 Basel, Switzerland.

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