Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swiss Cheese Fondue

What is goin to Switzerland without having at least one Cheese Fondue?
after all it is Switzerland's national dish
made from a selection of cheese *prollie leftover kekekeke*, seasoning and Kirsch and some wine I think

eaten with cubed bread this is a communal dish
coz u definitely can't eat it all by urself
not even by Baby Wei and Monkey
arghhhh too heavy

I guess by then, both of us were craving for chilis and asian food
Basel don't really have great food :(


Shuiyu38 said...
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Anonymous said...

wahhh the pic makes me drool.. i havent tried cheese fondue ler.. where can try in malaysia


CHER-RY said...

Mee Mee: Chalet Restaurant at Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Check out their menu on their website here.