Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Semi-home cooked food

oh yummy carpaccio of octopus with finely chopped chives
it was our very last nite at Basel and we have had enuff of dining outside every single nite
and decided it's time to eat at home finally
after all it's just the only 2 of us *hehehehehehe*
fresh salmon drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, some mini capers, pepper, lemon juice
aikkksss forgot bout dill....salmon and dill goes very well together T_T
made a simple salad of "I dunno wat leaves was tat" but it sure taste good
it's like LAMB lettuce but not like it...and obviously we can't read GERMAN, which was printed on its packaging *bleurgh*
topped it with more avocados and thinly sliced red radish
well the above was just only our starter......hehehehehehe
the first thing that got whammed into the oven were baby french potatoes, rosemary, french long onions, garlic....was so tempted to throw in some chilis to roast as well...kekekekekeke

oh yea Monkey was cooking in her Superman t-shirt :P
the kitchen was OK-ly equipped.....with cooker and oven
only thing missing was coffee machine and thus I had to make do with instant cappucino in packs
pan seared pork rib and later whammed into the oven
the other piece was the shoulder blade....
bought 2 different cuts to have different taste and fat content :P
well obviously my knife skill isn't fantastic unlike a certain Doctor
haiya afterall gonna end up in our tummy.....

since we had to finish everything in the fridge before we leave..
the roasted tomatoes on the vine were leftover from breakfast :P
our dinner!!! VOILA!!!!!

after saying our prayers.....yes we do say prayers....
thanking our Boss cum Owner for this meal and for having us in Switzerland
bla bla bla.....aiks...I dunno how to do Jewish prayers lar...
Baby Wei bought this beautiful dessert of I dunno wat Strawberry crumble thingy
such nice packaging they have there with the plexy glass bowl which u can re-cycle

Restaurant details: our apt
Ingredients sourced from: local Manor supermarket
Pics and food styling by: Baby Wei

excuse moi :P


LianneK said...

Hi Cheryl :-) Been following your blog for a while. Nice blog you have there! Keep it up! Btw, the salad you´re referring to is FeldSalad. Its common in this part of the world especially German speaking countries.

CHER-RY said...

Hello Lianne!!! thank u for droppin by :)
ooooOooooo so it's called Feld salad??? it's so cute with crunchy texture...nice one :)))) we can't get it here though.

Where are u from? :))

LianneK said...

Perhaps someone at cameron already starting a cultivation project? hehe .. who knows. I´m a Malaysian actually, from PJ but had since moved to Germany to be with my German hubby for few years :-) As for the salad, I will give it up anytime for our good ole nasi lemak! hehe

CHER-RY said...

Guten Tag Lianne!!! How's the weather in Germany :D

I m sure u r missing lotsa Msian goodies/food there...yes nasi lemak the best dish ever :))))

S-kee said...

hey beeree so nice to go on business trip with you! love: meemee

CHER-RY said...

Mee Mee: haha I think go for leisure trip would be more fun. I am away every weekend till June. Let's plan something soon :))))