Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sage: Simple dinner wif the Boys

A certain someone was in town so the Boys gathered for a small makan minum
and made the GAL to all the job, fr booking to menu but no biggie
coz it's my passion
*passion to be kepoh!!!!*
**like you, you you you and you!!!!*

we booked a private room with a private veranda with a private fountain
with a private smoking area and a nice cozy view
Prince C was soooooo eppy coz he can puff away happily without anyone snarling at him
*anyway who snarls at him except notti monkey?*
so serious wat happen????

until NISSIN cling wrap was out
this is like ICU case for wines
suspected got CORKED!!!!

so fr wine connoisseurs reading materials,
this is the method to remove the "smell"
we'll wait and see whether it works or not.......later.....
Amuse Bouche which I didn't fancy
coz the creme at the bottom was all stucked to the spoon

Prince C: "Are we supposed to lick it like a lolli?"

well anyway we dun bother much bout Amuse Bouche....
so dear Fendi Maitre'D pls dun bother....:))))))))))))
but if it's Good then it's a GREAT start to an evening
well 1st impression alwiz counts kekkekekeke
*yea yea yea not easy to satisfy Monkey...wat's more all the connoisseurs*
Fine de Claire *pronounced as Fin d Clare*
from Normandy, France
topped wif caviar and finely chopped chives
absolutely fresh and not tainted with water
coz most restaurants wash their oysters  *adui*
that's the last thing u wanna do

fine de claire has a sharp taste with salty finish and very long length
paired very well wif our Mersault
ceviche of Boston Lobster wif artichoke and consomme jelly
lurve the crunchiness of the raw sashimi quality lobster
*chomp chomp chomp*
to die for!!! I want this now!!!! it was so good...almost everyone had 2nd portion for DESSERT
crazy ppl!!!!!!!
warm capellini pasta with Hokkaido sea urchin
and shavings of fresh wasabi
also some seaweeds were added in
the best pineapple in the world....Sarawak Pineapple Granita
to wash ur palate before the mains

Hyperactive Wei Nee had the slow cooked Amadai Fish with Sakura Ebi and nori seaweed
the zucchini flower looked so tempting and yummy
and indeed it was....
she saved the best for the last....hahahhahahaha

dun think we'll ever BUY zucchini flowers to consume in Msia coz it's over-priced in the supermarket
in Australia, France, Italy *especially* it's like buying kangkung!!!!
grilled angus beef with asparagus and red wine sauce served with truffled mash

we were so surprised the beef was very very very very very GOOD
like not enuff :P kekekekkekekekeke
Connoisseur TH had Roasted rack of lamb
thank u for making time despite your busy schedule to join us
we'll plan another round soon...soon....akan datang.....
we had a fantastic wine line-up
I know u'll be so envy!!!!!!

Envy or not????
jeles or not?
what a spectrum!!!!!!

from CDP to pomerol, whites and of coz the star of the nite Gaja Sperss
more pasta for the boys after the main course before the dessert
well since they are still "growing up" they need more food
Hyper Wei Nee and Munchie

very difficult to meet Munchie coz he's the World CEO now
mate, u need to hire a PA to accept all your calls, reply your emails, SMS
and most of all to remember your friends for u
coz we no likey if we call and u ask "who's this?"
Monkey & Connoisseur TH
sorry last nite's hokkien mee supper cancelled coz a Certain Someone was still working
and wif leeches around he can't run away for supper *yeah this one another CEO*
a simple pasta for JS as pre-dessert
and he was being overly generous and passed it around for "Tasting" small portion next time dun pass around lar....
later it will end up in someone's else tummy
like this..............
Roasted fresh figs with red wine sauce and vanilla ice cream
think these were cookies for the coffee
Monkey & Hyper Wei Nee
she used to hit the gym 5x a week....
and now reducing to 4....3.....
Now I know the secrets to looking young with healthy skin!!!!! where's the nearest gym to my office????
so wat happened to the corked wine????
T_T it was a grand cru.....
it's like striking TOTO or 4D if the bottle that u bought is corked

Great dinner great company as usual mates...
Thank you to Chef Daniel for all your wonderful creation
and special thanks to Fendi for all the trouble
Cheers folks!!!

due to high profiles guests...only a few pics can be posted up
I guess in the future, my blog will be face-less with no pics of ppl
coz I m having more and more requests to remove pics/postings
thanks to you, you, you, you and YOU!!!!

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar

Level 6, The Gardens Residence,
The Gardens, Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2268 1328


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