Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monkey is in Moo-Moo Land

ohhhh Switzerland......one of the richest country
with the highest wealth per adult in the world
hmmmmmm why are we not getting paid in Swiss Francs huh?

Monkey is back in Switzerland for work....
that's where my HQ is...
facing the world largest Watch trade show
over 450 brands are participating.......Monkey will totter in her small feet till she can't walk no more
*in my stilettos :D*

oh Gawd bless us pls....
for the amount of work and PR at the show


licheng said...

Good Luck with the tradeshow! Look fwd to seeing the yummy pics and all the H&M clothes you will buy. I was thinking of you when I was at H&M yesterday ;)

Anonymous said...


Enjoy yourself there! Post up pics fast! Remember to drink lots n lots of water!



CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: did u get anything at H&M??? I was there yesterday, and got some stuffs hehehehehe pre shopping...kekekeke

Elly: I hope to upload some pics amid all the craziness here...kekekekekee