Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Study Room

JS's side of the study room
the study table stretches from one end to the other

as chinese feng shui said...Male on the left, Female on the right
so everything applies from wardrobe to which side of the bed we sleep on
oh yea also sofa seating...
call us chinaman :P

U lurve the view?
sometimes I'll just dazzle and let my mind wonder into the greenery
and feeds my need for laughter looking at golfers down at Hole 18 trying very very hard
to hit this par 5....kekekke
most of the time they ended up on the pond or bunker...and also on the buggy track
everywhere but nowhere on the fairway

yea why never show Monkey's side of workstation?
coz it's too messy
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *sheepish smile*

hey dun forget I'm the one doin filing at home so tonnes of paperworks and bills on my side
and also my cups and my cameras and stuffs and chargers and accessories :P
non related accessories such as hair clips
and loads of books and magazines

looks like JS's is very neat huh?
:P pppppfffffttttttttttttttt
when I have time to kill *like when I was sick*
I'll snap pics of parts of our home for u guys
and I know I know...I still owe so many ppl the pics of the wardrobe
think it's getting so FULL *and messy of coz* now, again I am shy to show u :P

lastly thank u for all the well wishes...
I'm still recovering and on medication but am back kickin asses at work!!!
more lunch app, dinner events and another Event of the Decade tmrw nite...
arghhh wat to wear wat to wear...wat was the dress code again?

PS: yes u got it....I haven't pack for my Switzerland trip yet....and I'm flying off in a few days time :D *swinger*


Baby Sumo said...

Nice view... I'll never get any work done cos I'll be too busy kepoh-ing the golfers :P

CHER-RY said...

Baby Sumo: hahaha yea it is very true!!!! that's wat happening now :p