Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Angry Pianist

I dun get the time nor pleasure to lay my fingers on the lovely piano all the time
don't know why life has bcome so FAST and BUSY
getting sufficient sleep is a CHORE

I dun enjoy zzzzz anymore
*signs of aging*
alwiz worrying bout unfinished stuffs
well work never ends

and all the appointments plus events
years ago, events used to be a novelty
now I have headache finding wat to wear and which accessories to match it with
plus personal events that I must attend to otherwise I'll feel very guilty
fr birthdays to weddings and anniversaries....
well these should be joyous events so no complains :))))
and so when I DO have the time and pleasure to play the piano
this is how I looked like

Like wanna murder the piano :P
JS no likey...coz he was trying to enjoy every single piece
and all sounded like I wanted to go to WAR

I dun believe it until JS took pics last weekend
this one is face problem...nothing to do with mood.
yea dearie JS...I lurve the piano...coz u bought it for my birthday last year :))))
let me retire and I shall play u more nice pieces :))))))

so for now u'll hear more noise pollution...

sigh....been sick for Day 2...
need fast recovery like instantly
everyone's been chasing stuffs fr me....
again Work never finishes...



Anonymous said...

do take good care ya...I would love to see a smiley pianist too ^_^

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: Yea I hope to get well soon too. Thanks again for the the way the pianist wasn't sick when the pic was taken....:P

licheng said...

Get well soon. have a good trip to Switzerland. Sorry you have to work non-stop and to put in 300% though :(

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yea I get paid to give 300% at durian runtuh part is H&M!!!!!!!!!!! *weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*