Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Shell Shell & Huei's Wedding Reception

On the very same day, Shell had her wedding reception at Grand Palace Pavilion KL

ain't easy being the brided huh...I guess she's the most tired person of all
and wearing the million dollar smile all the time :D
even if tat means ur jaw has got to drop
Monkey & Su San congratulating Shell Shell
Shell made sure everyone was being attended to....
fr registration to complaints...hahahahahahahaha

we got 2 tables!!!!! for MMU-ians
What were these ladies looking & pointing at?

yes we are attending this 7.30pm show
*pic stolen fr Teofu*
starring Michelle & Chung Huei
lotsa catching up to do :))

who is this cute lil tiny tot that looked like Kenny fr Southpark?
with his Bababababababababa holding on to him?

It's Baby Rei & his bababababababababa Teofu
Baby Rei can call his daddy ady.....babababababababababababbaba
can u spot his 2 lil tooth? :)))))))))))))
Monkey hopped over to the Heng Tai's table

"soli ar tis morning I put makeup on u like a Baboon's butt!!!"
Heng Tai: "Just dun tag my pic in FB....I still need to make a living :P"

Mimi my childhood friend who attended music lesson wif me
she attended riffle shooting coaching with Shell
and Shell attended the same university as Monkey.....
and the circle goes....wat a small world huh?

from piano to riffle shooting to golf to artistic makeup and accounting
I wondered wat else this woman can't do
anyway sorry guys, she's taken :P

beloved roomies!!!!!!!!
butterflies were in their stomach coz they'll go on stage to sing in like 30 mins?

the beautiful bride all decked in RED
very ang!!!!!

lurve her dress!!!!!!!!

wif all the handmade embroidery
very exquisite :)))))))))))

wif my mates whom I hung out wif at Basketball lesson @ university
dunno wat was I thinking then, smashing the ring with State players
later we continued to hang out for other reasons....FOOD :P
oh yea we were tam chiak since young.....kekekekekekekke

Ass Kickin Vonne
who's now no longer a drug lord....
so mate, when r u gonna sell that damn NANO weighing machine? then we can all go and celebrate

later everyone arrived....and I-Want-Nobody-but-JOO started seating the ladies
nope readers, he's not the groom....yeah I know he's all decked in RED

I-want-Nobody-but-Joo said this table is for Married couples
the next table which he's seated at is for S.A.D.

Susan and Lu Ai: "S.A.D.???"

I-want-nobody-but-Joo: "Single, Available and Desperate"
yea then we noticed Shell seated us that way :P
I was concentrating at................
concentrating at Baby Rei.....He was talking to me :P
as usual...must camwhore a bit :P
if possible until the lense pecah!!!!!!!

and yes we have a special Photog for the nite....just for us :P
JS: "That official photographer fighting for the best spot wif me wor!!!!!!"
Monkey....ok ok chill chill

JS: "She STOLE my shot wor..... that photographer!!!!!"
ok ok calm down......

told ya JS is a very competitive person....dun piss him off
u'll never know wat he'll haul over at u......prollie one of his expensive lense :P....
Monkey, Lu Ai & Mama Connie
house no. 18 :))))))))))
Arrival of the STARS of the nite.....
the Actress and Actor of our 7.30pm Show :)
really waving like STARS
and this Heng Tai *the one in specs*  really waved back like a fan....wakakkakaka he damn sporting and Farnie
wat was his name again? :P
Emcee handing over the mic to Nee Lee
the 1st performance of the nite
Nee Lee dedicated a love song by Theresa Tang
eh not easy to sing her songs leh...if u have got no confidence dun even think about it
and Nee Lee performed so beautifully with a guitar solo
Shell was so over-joyed she stood up throughout the whole song
I like this shot a lot :))))))))
next it was Mee Mee, she made a short dedication before proceeding
a duet of When you Tell me That you Love me~~~~
not an easy song oso :)))))))))))))
before I knew it.....all of us were on stage :P
this shot was taken by Ass Kickin Vonne
and I am SO SO SO SORRY that I made the BRIDE cried!!!!!!!!!
not only the song moved the Roomies to tears.....
apparently so many ppl cried :P:P:P:P
from the facial expression of Mee Mee...u know she's hitting the high notes
Nee Lee oso hitting all the hi notes...
and again I am so so so so so SORRY for not maintaining meself
and caused u guys to went off-tune at the very end bcoz of our emotion downpour :P
cries of JOY

wat a nite to be remembered :))))))))))))))))
Congratulations Shell Shell & Huei!!!!!!!
now I can't wait to see pics fr the Photographer
heeeeeeeeeeeeee :))))))))))


neil said...

Eh... tell JS not to throw his expensive lens at whoever pissed him off! Want to throw, throw Monkey's stilettos :P

Ahhh, this post (and all other relevant posts / albums) made me emotional... no wonder I suddenly feel sorry for anyone less loved by their friends! =)

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: I think at this rate...I won't have enuff stilettos to throw :P

js said...

I usually throw golf clubs and scold chow wah only :)))