Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Shell Shell's Bridal Shower

It was a photoshoot for Shell Shell to celebrate her Bridal Shower
so on a early Saturday morning we drove to "the location" for this shoot
Shell Shell, Mee Mee, Bee Ree & Nee Lee

we have this special bonding since we were young adults
when we just crashed ourselves into the unknown and scary place called UNIVERSITY
where all of us were strangers at this new place........and strangers to each other

we never spoke to each other....but our parents made friends
and they did their very best to make us be friendlier and less snobbish
"go and talk to your new housemates/roomates"
well being teenagers u'll just roll your eyes and shove ur parents outta your room and tell them the single word which I hate the most now...."WATEVER"

and look at us now....never have enuff of each other
we speak to each other everyday...
chat everyday
and yet we missed each other so much if we dun communicate just for a day
friendship is about being there for each other
no matter how "un-free" u are....

Friendship is about supporting each other
in any way a human could
Friendship is about no jealousy but understanding
no gossiping bout each other but listening
Friendship is about sharing laughter and tears
of great awesome news and also down time

Friendship is not on who's better and let's compete
nor individualism or I couldn't care less
but it's about being together spending time with each other
even if we have to go head to head with each other
on opinions/believe just bcoz you care and wanna make a difference in each other!!!!

When u have great friends u are never alone......
u'll have each other...
even if it means facing each other's grumpy faces when we turned grey

Friendship is about supporting each other
where u have someone to lean on to....
someone whom u can rely on to
and pour your heart out without feeling silly :))))))))))))))

share super crazy hyena luffs
and felt damn good about it later
but most importantly Friendship is about Listening to each other
and stand by each other
even if it means slapping the other one just to make her realise that Life is just so cruel
that's wat friends are all about
There's no value to Friendship
because you can't measure it.....
if u can measure Friendship.....
it shows there's beginning and an end

so Friendship is infinite
for no amount of things can be exchanged for it
Friendship is also about dreaming of all the beautiful things in life together
so beautiful that it can only be shared with them :)))))))))))
Friendship is also bout sharing your childishness in u
coz that's wat keeping u youthful
and made everyday even more innocent
u get away for saying the darnest thing

in Life there's various crossing...
u have to grow up and cross the bridge of childhood to your teens years
and the world hurried u up to be an adult...

it's Friends that keep u sane throughout the process
coz u have each other to cross the bridge together
and now being adults...u just wished that Time will just stand still
so u can enjoy each beautiful moments with each other
Friendship is also about doing nasty things to others u dun like
I can't remember the countless time we got together pranking ppl we HATE
or ppl who pissed off one of us
wuahahahahah Friendship is GREAT
the concept of One for all and All for one was so true
Life has changed so much
but not our friendship
even if u need to choose the other path in life
we'll still be with you
and will make that path a wonderful journey for you
coz we know at the end there will be JOY
for the journey can't be possible and amazing without each other

we are STARS among ourselves :))

damn this post is making me tearing.....:"))))
with joy of coz!!!!!
Congratulations Shell Shell
May you walk a Beautiful and Wonderful life with your loved one
with each new step as u wake up to a new day

Lotsa LOVE to all of you all


neil said...

OMG OMG OMG! I need tissues... *sobs* (with joy, of course!)

Anonymous said...

love the photos very much! its good to cherish & keep in touch with friends for many years. Friends need not be alot, a few good ones will be more than enough.
CONGRATS to the bride to be!! ^_^

CLA said...

Fantastic shots!!! =) Great outing too, I bet!

Congratulation Michelle!

licheng said...

what a fun bridal shower..unlike any other i've seen :) here's to friendship!

Loose said...

Love this post! A toast to friendship and to your lovely friend =)

Anonymous said...

bee ree,
great post!!!
i am so grateful having you gals in life & i enjoy sharing our ups and downs together. thank you again to roomies for the wonderful photoshoot and of course our lovely photographer cheng cheng..
--> bride to be shell shell

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: *passing a THICK towel* u need this.....

Melissa: Yes u r rite...not about quantity but QUALITY :))

CLA: Thanks for dropping by :)))))))

Kindy Chai: TOAST to our friendship too :)))) *hugs*

Loose: TQ Loose!!!! I lurve this post too :D

Shell Shell: *HUGS* can't wait to see the-bride-to-be this SATURDAY!!!!!