Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guy Savoy *3 Michelin Stars*

duck liver pate with black truffle on crispy bread

well when u r in PARIS, Guy Savoy is like a must
*we have yet to visit the new out-of-france establishment in MBS Singapore*
**pronounced as Ghee Ser-Vuoy**

Guy Savoy is the Pioneer and the FATHER of modern french cooking
so wat's modern french rite?
it's the lighter and more delicate approach to the usual classic french cooking
and of coz more attention to details....frenchies are very anal :P
it's a thick carrot soup with spices....
so we were asked to push the spiced wif one sweep unto the soup and drink it...
as we lifted this lil cute cup to enjoy the soup...there was a lil surprise underneath
Ta-DA!!!!!! lobster spring roll which was so crispy on the outside
it's fillings were fresh and juicy and sweet....
Monkey was starring at how fine the ingredients were chopped/jullienned

wahhhh I dowan to be working in their kitchen...
almost had to use a RULER to cut things :P
not to mention, they spent hours selecting LEAVES
only the good pretty lookin ones are used....
such perfection can only lead to retardation :P
JS examining the WINE LIST
it was so came with its own lil stool-table
the BREAD cart!!!!!!!
selections of freshly made bread of the day

there were so the time our Maitre'D explained the 4th bread made with which method using which flour....I was like....O_O
"errrrr excuse moi...vous pouvez repeter sil vous plait?"

Maitre'D let out such a cute Frenchie smile *under the watchful eyes of Mr. JS* and repeated as requested by Monkey :P

He was very cute mar :P
*my friend alwiz asked come Frenchie are so good looking....even the guy who manage ur garbage and waste can be so awfully good looking as well :P - I dunno...prollie just like how arresting they find our asian chicks with flat nose and super long ghostly black hair ppffffttttt*
RAW and fresh whitting fish with generous dollop of caviar
in the middle was dublin bay prawns served with lemon gelee and fresh lemon scattered with such precision on the plate
such appetizing starter....the flavours were so compatible wif each other
aahhhhh it reminds me of Moo-Moo Cows with patches on their body...hehehehe
Artichoke soup with white and black truffles
one of their specialty for the season....
didn't know artichoke can be this heavenly...:)))))
this one came with the soup
even more heavenly than the soup itself :P
brioche and truffled brittany butter
Maitre'D came over and actually spread the butter onto the brioche for us
that's a first time....
extremely great service
and guess wat :P
Mr. Guy Savoy came to say Bonsoir!!!!!!!

I had to try hard not o flash out my camera like a tourist
*well we were tourist*
he is so adorable and super nice....with amazing PR skills
he should not be in the kitchen...he should be the Sommelier :P

"Vhere did vou come frrromm?"
"Aaaaaaaa Malaisie......Beau-tee-full.....I lurrrrrveeee the street food....hhahahahahahaha"

hmmmmmm yes and Sarawak Pepper that u were serving in your Michelin star restaurant...hahahahahaha
"aaaaa oui oui oui sarah-werk peppa frrrrommm Malaisie!!!"
I think JS went cuckoo lookin at the wine list....dunno wat to order...
and ended up wif something simple...
his mind got too clouded with all the things its list

Sommelier was actually Master of Sommelier...we recognised his brooch :))))))))))
"Haf you try dis beforrrre Sir? Doh-mayne Ann-Grrroh"
I think their heavily accented anglais just made JS grrrrrrooooo
oh yes I had CHICKEN *again* at a 3 Michelin starred restaurant
JS was slapping his forehead
JS: "They all said that all the time :P"

and it didn't fail me...the chicken was steam-baked and infused with lemon grass and chaud
then it was brought to our table in a space-age foil wrap that good enuff to wrap any alien life-form

Maitre'D then teasingly opened it with his gloved hands...yeah they wore gloves just to serve this damn chicken
the opening was small enuff to let the steam out before being put under my nose
yea they actually served it this way.....just to tease ur tastebud with all its SMELL
and not only I was enjoying its did JS and the next table and the next and the next
coz everyone was pointing at my space-age chicken
*in the end the whole damn restaurant ended up ordering this chicken....hahahahahaha*

"Madame, your poulet....may I serve it for u?"
and so they served it on the plate later on...
while Monkey was enjoying her amazing poulet....JS had his baby lamb cutlet
different cuts were presented and served with potato gratin
u have the shoulder the ribs and loin
was very yummy that I had to STEAL his food :P
I also had to steal this...which came with his lamb..
CRISPY LAMB SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ohhhh GAWD!!!!!
it was like SUCKLING PIG :P
we were fighting over it...

"I never eat ur chicken wor!!!!"

"nvm lar..share share lar :P"
"I dun eat chicken!!!!!"
"no no...u and me share ur lamb....hehehehehehe"
Dinos the Great's favourite - but he was not wif us then....
all the beautiful cheese fr different region in France
we skipped it :P
"No cheese?" asked the Maitre'D
coz we were saving stomach for all the sweets!!!!
lollipops of molecular gastronomy ice lollies?
the white one was actually lime
very good way to end the dinner
it's like some fluffy egg white thingy...which was injected with passion fruit I think...
just pop it into ur mouth and let the flavours and texture mesmerise u :))))
oh the black round thing was a blackberry I think
sweet vs sour kinda kaleidoscope thingy
Pommes = apple done 4 ways
Sorbet on the top
compote at the bottom
served with crispy apple fritters
and before u dig ur spoon innit.....the fresh apple juice was poured on top
OMG I m goin crazy here :P
so many flavours to choose from.....
with all its condiments fr MACAROONS to chocolates
to cookies....nuts....dried fruits....wafers....
arrrghhhhh can I just push the whole cart home so I dun have to choose?
I think this was caramel flavour or was it tea???
super yummy dinner...

I think all of u should visit Guy Savoy's website
do load and watch the MOVIE....
his ingredients were hand picked fresh every morning by his trusted team
and we lurve the CUTE truck!!!!!


Guy Savoy Restaurant
18, Rue Troyon,
Tel: +01 4380 4061


js said...

Do you know chicken in France is AOC??
AOC=Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC).
The birds are categorized and graded by the origin, how it was brought up,type of feed, which farm, etc just like wines!!

CHER-RY said...

JS: I think everything in France oso AOC. From butter to cheese :P and also oysters...kekekekeke