Monday, March 21, 2011

Sa Sa MiMosa

Today is Spring Equinox!!!!!!
and the vibes must come :))))))))
*jeng jeng jeng*

sorry I know yellow is so not spring but summer
but don't we just need all these vibrant colors in our life now???

isn't the Balenciaga in Mimosa color so pretty?
gawd I better not start collecting colors now
so many Balenciaga fans do tat and I believe I'm doin the same for Bottega Veneta
Monkey didn't buy any bags for the past 3 months already!!!!!!!!
*yeah coz she bought 6 mths quota in December alone*

wow where did the 3 months go to????
I think 2011 had just zoom in and 2nd quarter is here soon T_T
and the addiction came back yesterday when I was sniffing a leather jacket
"AaaaAAAaaaaaa sheep skin!!!!!!"

JS  >_<

yes this post is not bout my next Object of Desire
coz I will not get this bag

Dear Ms Monkey.....pls stop buying bags
U have no more organs to sell and U already spent ur bonus on Mr. JS's bday pressie

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