Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Baan Khanitha, Bangkok

Baan Khanitha has a history of more than 17 years
serving really really fine and authentic thai cuisine
voted before as Thailand's Best Restaurant, Thailand's best Thai Restaurant
they also won numerous international awards outside of Thailand
well the list goes...but let's focus on their creations :))))

above pic was the Thai's Appetizer = Meang Khum
an assortment of dry roasted nutmeg, chili padi, shallots, lime, galangal, garlic and fresh young ginger
all cut into small tiny pieces
yea to be eaten with the special sauce all wrapped in this tiny Betel leave
I like!!!!! :))))
yes we do get this in Malaysia but somehow the taste is so much more authentic in Thailand
yup it was Ms. Monkey's birthday dinner :)))))
JS made reservation weeks in advance at this place
got a driver for the whole evening and he waited for us outside
JS shooed him off to have his own dinner but he insisted -_-
*so he got a FAT tips :P*

Baan Khanitha has out-door garden seating decorated with beautiful lights, wooden furnitures, flowers everywhere...such a romantic ambience

but u know...Ms. Monkey & Mr. JS's concern is humidity...we didn't wanna ruin My Bag and his Camera :P so indoor that comfy air cond dining hall

nice setting with really warm, friendly and exclusive service
I have my usual Pineapple slurpee!!!!!!
damn should have brought the tiny Malibu outta the hotel......hehehehehehehe

aahhhh so cute!!!!! a mangosteen-shaped food holder

Fiery Chili Padis drowned in yummy fish sauce inside

Pla Jaramed Kaprao Krob
Deep fried pomfret fish with crispy hot basil
crunchy to its bone...hahahahaha

I've wanted to try this everytime we stepped into any Thai Restaurant
and finally we did :D

it's a very simple staple food of Thais
Slightly blanched Thai baby brinjals, long beans, pumpkins, Carrots, Four angled beans (Winged Beans), cauliflowers,
fresh cool cucumber, bamboo shoots, celery
all served with their special spicy belacan dip
and the star of this dish is the slightly fried semi-boneless fish

Remember these fishes we saw at Maeklong Railway market
so it's the same fish....where after they were caught, its "main" bone removed and packed straight into the bamboo steamer

so the preparation is either u steam it straight off its bamboo steamer or slightly pan fry em
this fish is really sweet with some sea salt yumminess innit

usually Thais have this as a whole meal....rice, fish, vege, dips
simple fuss free dish
of coz they'll just wonder why tourists like us would pay so much for something u can get outside

Ngob Hor Mok Talay
this is basically like Otak - Otak wrapped in banana leaf
but definitely Ass-Kickin

it has got chunks of fish, prawns and tonnes of basil inside
they used a lot of fresh coconut milk so it's pretty good and creamie
not to forget the generous usage of spices
aaaAAAaaaaaa I want this yummy with rice :)))))))))))))))

not to forget some greens....can't get enuff of their kangkung cooked in bean sauce

very busy chomping
nom nom nom

aaaaaahhh!!!! Tub Tim Groob!!!
there's slices of jackfruit there!!!! yaaayyy my favourite!!!!!
super like, esp when they used fresh coconut milk :)))))))))))))))

homemade COCONUT ice creams!!!!!
there's pieces of green stuffs inside that's like cendol
adds some bite to the creamie yummy ice creams :)))))))))
can't talk can't smile...mouth full of the red rubies :P
hmmmm I looked tall here.....must be the low ceiling heights :P

outside the restaurant waiting for our driver to reverse the car outta the many many other cars crammed inside the lil garden, thank gawd all the other drivers hanged out at the garden otherwise we won't be able to get to the next destination

Baan Khanitha Thai Cuisine,
36/1, Soi Sikhumvit 23,
Sukhumvit Road,
Bangkok 10110.
Tel: +66 2258 4181

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