Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Four Seasons Claypot, Hong Kong

After a long walking day, we were finally here!!!!!!
Four Seasons Claypot rice!!!!!!!

a few weeks earlier, while proposing our HK itinerary to dearie Boss
Chris da Boss: "WAHHH go to Four Seasons to eat??? very expensive!!! we got budget???"
-_-" yeah we have. it's open air with a nice ambience.

when we arrived, he was so eppy to see that we are not at Four Seasons Hotel
otherwise our budget would be enuff to cover one dinner only...kekekekeke

the eatery houses 2 shoplots with one serving as a kitchen
and we have all the time we needed to snap pic
Monkey was so touched to be here....kekekekekek
JS: "dun cry lar ok? I buy u all the chinese sausage that u wanna eat."

and the queue as usual was amazingly long
but I must say, being Hongkie...they managed everything efficiently
coz Time is Money
so we spent 30 minutes quality time wrapping up our Day 1 in Hong Kong
and were joking bout the scene next door
coz apparently it was a Crime Scene....we saw bodies being stashed unto an ambulance,
a few police cars and its officers were around
and minutes later....another normal Honda Accord pulled up with more senior officers with GLOVES and their "working" Briefcase

our Day 1 memang exciting!!!! kekekekeke
okie back to this place, they oso sell the famous crispy Oyster Egg Omelette
so if u can't wait for a table...just order and eat like em!!!!

but this scene was just too much to bear....as they sank their teeth unto the yummy crispy omelette
aaaaaAAAaaaaa we just had to be a lil bit more patient before we can be like em!!!
finally we got a table, but we had to be separated...
otherwise it is impossible to have a table for 8
so at least 4 is still manageable but they've been calling so many times for 2 pax and even 1 pax
hence the key of dining here is to come in a pair
yes being first on the queue doesn't secure you a table.....it's a matter of number of pax.
to quench our thirst, we ordered a homemade beef paste soup with greens
yeah this place doesn't sell drinks, u can alwiz grab a few at the local c-store just down the road
which is like 10 steps away.
wwwuuuahhhhhhh so simple and yet smells so good!!!!
it's the pork stock!!!!
we think they mixed the beef paste with a bit of fish and pork
coz it's totally awesome with some fresh toufu

and then they came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sliced beef with fresh ginger...
they have so many claypot rice we dunno which one to eat

there's the waxed duck, sliced pork, eel, chicken, pork, sausage,
scallops, chicken feet aka phoenix claws, mixed waxed meat, mixture of any 2 types that u want, with egg without etc.....
to add to the torture, we had to open the lid, dash in some secret soy sauce
and cover em back.....tap tap tap our feets and wait for a few more minutes for everything to be infused
and then....................finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JS only wanted chinese sausace.....-_-"
but trust me....it's the most awesome thing ever.............

the proportion of fats vs meat was so fantastic
they used a lot of chinese rice wine inside the sausage...
it was moist and its casing was made fr REAL air dried pig intestine
so there was a crunch on its skin

and when u bite em..............its melted fat and rice wine just filled your mouth
think 4 pieces oso not enuff!!!!
Monkey ordered the waxed chinese sausage and pork ribs
so juicy and moist and the meat just breaks fr its bone
why is such simple street food can be so heavenly????
and lastly.....the famous crispy oyster omelette.
OMG looking at all the pics this early is so torturing........
haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I'm hungry :((((((((((((((
read bout our visit to this place in 2010 *here*

Four Seasons Claypot Rice,46-48 Arthurs Street,
Kowloon Hong Kong.

You can reach there by MTR and alight at Jordan


Anonymous said...

I am so hungry ahhh!!! wished the food are here now =p

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: oh yea babe...I dunno why without fail my posting everyday can make the author herself so hungry ~~~~

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: oh yea babe...I dunno why without fail my posting everyday can make the author herself so hungry ~~~~

licheng said...

all the lap cheong!

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yes the lap cheong(s) were outta this world!!!!

js said...

Btw it was me who ordered the 4 lap cheong :)