Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Thai Banana Rama Pancake

Banana and eggs :)))))))))))))
the best ingredients combo :))))))))))))))
anyway I'm a sucker for eggs so anything with eggs will do

so we just finished our yummy dinner at Ban Khun Mae
had the lovely pampering massage, mani pedi and all cost under RM 80 for 2 *plus tips*???
kay, minus the mani pedi for Mr. JS
of coz after all these activities the rumbles in the stomach begin :P
here the vendor cut one whole banana into eggs mixture
mixing and blending em
the next lady vendor sells Thai Lok-Lok but we were not interested
hey wait!!! this looked like our Msian version of Roti Canai?????
yea yea roti canai gets flipped this way too!!!!!
this guy was rather obliging :P
I think deep inside he's hiding a sinister smile
or prollie he gets this a lot with "Farang" aka "ang mohs" tourists
Monkey: "I want Krop Krop wan!!!!!"
krop krop means crunchy in Thai
the pan is semi-flat and not totally flat like those in Msia
carefully laying the mixtures of bananas and eggs
fold em!!!!
flip it a bit more!!!!!
and wait......
almost ready :)))))))))))))))
checking for precision of my request....
whether it's "krop" enuff of not :P
Thai Banana pancakes drizzled with syrup
or chocolate or honey or butter up to ur liking

it smells so damn good bcoz of the eggs...
told ya Thai eggs are so different :))))
bananas = super sweet
pastry = crunchy very very crunchy!!!!
initially Mr. JS didn't wanna eat coz he complained that he gained weight
after giving him a more sinister smile...he waved his white flag and ate 2/3 of the above
hua hua hua!!!!!!!

Thai Banana Pancake vendor
along Thanon Rama 1 Road opposite Siam Paragon
well since they are vendors...they could be pushing their cart and move around...
so if u can't locate it, go ask.
"Sawadee kaa....u low..... the Banlala Krop Krop? where kaa???"
or just maybe u should ask in proper english instead of my broken english + nuisance thai :P

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