Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tai Cheong Egg Tarts, Hong Kong

The GOLDEN Egg tart

I just wished I could further enlarge this pic :)
but that will caused a lot of complaints for my fellow readers
so if u wanna continue to drool on this pic
please feel free to click on it.....hahahahaha.

it has got such crumbly flaky crust
and its pudding was so soft it melts in ur mouth
with that extreme intense EGGY-ness innit
Hong Kong's Most Favourite Egg Tarts is Here. How can you miss it?
says on the box

yes indeed it's TRUE u kenot miss this whenever u r in HK
even u dun like egg me Tai Cheong Bakery will convert u into one hell of egg tarts lover
after our wan tan mee lunch we stormed to this place
and lucky us there wasn't a queue....coz it's already 5pm!!!!
this place is also famous for its Bo Lo Pao and Coconut cookies
there are some other goodies such as cakes and pastries

Read bout our last visit *here*

Tai Cheong Bakery,
35 Lyndhurst Terrace,
Central Hong Kong.


neil said...

I was biting into an egg tart when I saw this post! What are the odds, eh? :P

J2Kfm said...

YES! But i kind of like Honolulu's flaky pastry version too.

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: wow u had so many egg tarts for the past few days :P but yesterday's one was a bit let down :(

J2KfM: I haven't try Honolulu ones yet where is it???