Monday, June 27, 2011

Dim Sum at Maxim's Palace

I dunno why Dim Sum is only for breakfast?
but being chinese u can eat em anytime u want from dawn to dusk to supper
above was the famous Char Siew Sou

Dim Sum has got a long long LONG LONG long long history
according to Wikipedia, its origin dates back to the Silk Road's time
where travellers needing a place to rest and have some small bites with tea

but I recalled watching a program on Discovery Channel that said otherwise
last time, farmers and men worked in the farm and harsh land
they usually carried food along with them, since there was no transport, they can't drive home for food nor go elsewhere to buy...remember everything was by foot last time *lucky us*

so the homemaker will create all these sweet cute lil dumplings for them to bring to work
it was made with love to remind their husbands that their efforts at the farm will alwiz be acknowledged by their wives at home....hence the term "Touch the Heart" = Dim Sum

Char Siew Pao!!!!!
this one everyone is crazy about :P
basically it's minced pork cooked in sweet sauce in a white bread bun

Maxim's Place isn't the traditional dim sum house in HK
it is a modern, huge, bright, clean restaurant with everything under its roof
 crispy yam puffs
I recalled there was one shop in Bidor, Perak that sells the best-est yam puffs ever!!!
 small cute lil egg tarts....and can't be compared with Tai Cheong egg tarts
this one uses puff pastry
 sliced pork, century eggs, salted egg congee
 steamed rice with meat in lotus leaf
 my favourite Ha Kao - prawn dumpling in a thin wheat starch skin
 steamed pork ribs was a let down
maybe we were just too used to the Malaysian style/flavour
 steamed fish paste in fried toufu skin
 we had so much of these......Siew Mai = prawn and pork paste in yellow thin wheat flour wrapper topped with mushrooms and crab roe

for the 8 of us, we ordered 6 baskets....
so 6 baskets x 4 dumplings = 24 dumplings = 3 dumplings per person
*faints* and I'm not a fan of siew mai
 sliced beef cheong fun with ginger inside
 the famous Bo Lo Pao = pineapple bun
 Goon Tong Gau = one single dumpling in a pork broth soup with lotsa scallop
inside the dumplings there were tonnes of goodies from shark fins to abalone to prawns to mushrooms and pork paste
Chris da Boss working.....
anyway we are perpetually working
sigh....I think with technology we can't escape fr work with the phone beeping all the time
with emails, messages, Watsapp, SMS etc..............T_T
 this was good....crispy deep fried squid tentacles
yes only the tentacles
 Mommy Jacky ordered more of sumthing...."2 more pls!!!!"
 then it's dessert time!!!! Kwai Leen Kou = turtle shell and herbs pudding
 mango pudding with tonnes of mango and evaporated milk
 the lady was pushing the cart and all our eyes were shifting everywhere to see if there's anything else we wanna eat...hahahhahaha
 the tou foo fa which needed 25 minutes to prepare
 wahhhh the fragrant of the fresh soy beans......
 soft and silky smooth
 served with crystalised sweet ginger powder and jasmine syrup
this place opens at 10 am and by noon it was fully packed
they dun take reservation so u just need to come and queue

Charlie and his angels :P

Maxim's Palace Dim Sum Restaurant

City Hall Low Block,
Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2521 1303

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