Friday, August 04, 2006

Sudanese?? Sundanese??

I've always neglected this little restaurant tucked neatly with its floor to ceiling window on the 4th floor of KLCC....been embedded on my mind, it offers Sudanese cuisine as in like Ghana...Sudan..etc..

BUT ...I was WRONG!!!

It's actually SUNDANESE ...not SUDANESE....
grilled fish sundanese style
It offers authentic West Javanese cuisine....which spells hot spiciness that will numb your tongue.
That's what I wanted....this lunch is for Chris,

for she lurves hot spicy food that will set your ass on fire, numb your tongue for hours, plump your lips as if you've went for lip injection and make you sweat like a duck....

anyway it's my treat for her coming birthday....well so I did what a good customer would....reservation....and most importantly, show up on the stipulated time...and we did!

Food was good, service was a let down....s...lll......ooooooOOOOooooo...wwwwww *yawn*
TMs and dealers were calling chris at every 5 mins interval, come on don't make business calls during's etiquette....that poor gal....almost need me to feed her...well I just piled her plate with pieces from here and there.

Sometimes, I just don't understand how people can be so inconsiderate. They can go on and on and on bla bla bla on the phone. Just be direct, straight to the point and deal with the problem. As simple as that and I hate people who whines, tonnes of complain, grumbles, tad lazy to deal with problems or find efforts nor solutions. People with no conclusions!!!!

Well, now Chris understands what I've been through as she took over my portfolio the day I left. No worries Chris, ms cherry is always at your service whenever you need help. :))

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Tsu Lin + + said...

Well, what to do, dealers are like that one. They do love to whine, only the occasional good dealers (hard to come by these days) who will actually only complain when it is last resort, they usually try to solve it before bringing up to HQ level.

And i do agree, service is super slow.