Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Monkey won again!!

Poor JS got a terrible back ache from TOO MUCH of golf
*golf all you want dear, I won't lose to the course for your undivine attention*

so he drove himself to Bangsar for his massage
came back like a sick puppy....

Since someone won't be able to cook for me, we have to eat out...
at Happy Valley Bkt Bintang.

One of my friends said:
"You are so cruel...he had to work and battle in the corporate war field, and juggle between his personal business venture and work at the same time and comes home cooking for you????"
hmph...you think he's busy eh? He still has time to golf almost every evening....so cooking shouldn't be a problem...just an additional KPI (key performance indicators) for him.
"You set KPIs for him??"
well, let's put it this way, we set KPIs for each other....that's how you measure the progress of a relationship.
".......(mouth wide open.....speechless)...."
what?? sorry we are just a normal corporate couple living in the corporate world.
we had lobster sashimi.
it was still moving when served...only the tentacles...
I think the restaurant's quality has deteriorated over the years.
chefs come and go, captain changes and don't remember our names...
waitresses with poor service...
*if I really wanna complain, I can go on and on and on and on......*
some nice braised lobster noodle...
no time to blog...this big baby complaining and whining of his back ache...
and monkey had to massage....hmmm

monkey: golf tomorrow baby?
JS: no....I don't think I'll be able to for the next few days....*sad face*
monkey: nyek nyek nyek nyek nyek......*evil grin* (padan muka)

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