Thursday, August 03, 2006

Me and JS email and text each other a lot..
*thanks to the wonder of technology*

even during working hours, on the road, in the meetings, during lunch, at the golf course, while shopping...
basically most of the time....
well that explains why we need 3G cards and 3G phones on the go

so excerpt from today's emails.....

monkey: tomorrow is Friday, go and arrange for some golf game.
*I need some room for myself since he did not golf for 2 solid days*

after an hour or so he replied..
JS: Okie, planned. Me golfing tomorrow with Spore gang, then on Saturday with biz partners and on Sunday too. u have to plan it in such a marathon...give u Friday, u took up the whole weekend. Okie nvm, me being sweet and replied.
monkey: good good...gear yourself up for the golfing marathon...I'm gonna schedule my own weekend.

in less than 5 minutes came a reply.
JS: So what are you gonna do baby?

hmphh!!!! matilar engkau
monkey: I'm planning to go out for movies, have some bitching session with my gals and maybe some partying and drinking session at nite.

then came his reply in under 1 minute.
JS: WAHHHHH!!!! Me also wanna go for movies!!!! I'm free on Saturday....Sunday me also free mar.

pfffttt -_-
monkey: suddenly so free?????

JS: We will go out for a nice dinner on Saturday nite too. *sweetly* Where you want to go?

So moral of the story is, women are cruel creatures..nyek nyek nyek...

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