Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bangkok Day 3

It's Sunday and Thai chicks come out dressed like shinjuku gals. All pretty pretty and dollled up, makes you wanna have threesome with them....kakakkakaka. So tempted to take pics with them but JS said I'm "jakun" ..hmph..
Breakfast..dunno what do u call this, but it's similar like our msian "chee cheong fun"
except it has layers and layers of different meat as you dig further....
porky, prawns, chicken, crabs!!!
those red specs u see there are crab roe and it cost only 500 bath (RM 5.00)

JS brought me to sample some truly authentic Thai dishes....
Thailand isn't about Tom Yam Goong...pandan cakes etc.
There's so much more to eat...only if you know how to place your orders.
We went to this porky place....look at the cute piggy logo.
Their chrysanthemum tea is soooooo good... pure honey instead of sugar!!
raw blue crab som tam....spicy until can die I tell ya!
stewed porky soup with lotsa greens...extremely good....yum yum.
After I've gobbled down the whole bowl...JS dropped the bomb & told me what's in it....coagulated pig's blood....*ewwwwwwww*....pui pui pui...but I will still go for it next time.
crispy sweet pork strips....I've never tasted anything this heavenly.
yummy glass noodle!!
crispy porky salad
typical mis-en-place...sweet thai basil and crisp long beans.
I'v never eaten sooooooo much PORK in my life!!!! Their pork doesn't smell's good.
Later we walked to Petcha Buti Tat Mai Road for the dessert I've been dyin for!!
sticky rice with sweet Thai mango.
the rice was so good and chewy (almost al-dente) with full coconut milk flavour absorbed in it. While the mango was heavenly....Indian mango or Pakistan mango or South Australian mango all no fight!!! It's creamy, sweet, fiber-less, rich and melt in your mouth. We can't get this mango in Msia...coz we are not allowed to import it to protect our own agriculture. ...*duh*

The seed is so thin...less than 5mm. But it's quite expensive at 800 baht (RM 8.00) as this stall is by the road side. It's just opposite Bangkok Palace.
so detailed, it even has a sex organ (note the purple colour section)
more to choose from...
Sexual preference is practiced freely in Thailand, where you have the freedom to express your sexuality. Be it you are a bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual or in the process of changing to the other. So you can imagine, *someone* got so much of attention from pretty boys.....soooo pretty and even MALE cashier wear MASCARA to work!!!! *RESPECT*

hey....I didn't lose out, farangs (mat sallehs) coming after me thinking I'm a Thai gal!! yikes...get off me!!
I wanted to take him home...guess he'll need to check in as cargo. See how tiny I am!!
everyday in Krungthep, monkey & JS shopped from 10 am till 10 nite....
we shopped till:
our legs can't walk no more.
our pull along luggage bags are full.
our eyes are red - due to the dry air.
our body are aching.
the mall guards ushered us out.
JS's right hand almost *patah* fr signing too many expenses.
there seems to be shrines everywhere in the city.

to be continued...*wat? again?*

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