Monday, August 07, 2006

My lovely Sunday.....

SUNday is a day devoted to the God of the SUN
and yes it was, for there's some rays of sunlight finally...
after days of gloomy, dark skies with heavy rains...made me gloomy too :(

So when the morning sky is so lovely the moment I awake,
the nearest person to me will suffer...
"let's go for a under the sky..."
....and the list goes on...

the weather was so tempting,
his hands were craving to hold the drivers,
and hit those white dimpled balls,
and spend the whole day under the sun,
at a green lush place with 36 rabbit holes.

HELL Nooooo...
instead, being a sweet boyfriend,
he spent it walking aimlessly with me..
my usual daily dose early in the morn....
him in his Louis Vuitton and me in my Pedder Red

I was learning how to get a good angle...
I like to take pic that tells a story...
and sometimes beyond that,
but I suck.....big time...

Lunch at Crystal Jade

We had "La Mien"..
you can actually watch the chefs
knead, stretch, pull.....*oooo work those muscles*
the noodles on the spot,
and he proudly showed us more,
what a skill...hahaha..

Out of the blue, both of us decided to walk to Low Yat Plaza.
The last time I came here was 2 years ago...
to purchase a PDA...
it was freaking CROWDED!!!!!

Haagen Daaz finally opened its door in Bkt Bintang after months of renovation.

I think those operators were required by YTL to build their structures in such a way....and preserve the trees at the same time.

Then to KL Plaza to pick up his new baby!!
I wanted to laugh the moment he took his IWC out...
and wore this new baby for the day....
in the shop itself.

Guess I really found my match...hehehe
coz this monkey always *almost* wear her new shoes/stilettos,
the moment she found the right pair...
*can't wait nor the courtersy to pay $$$ first*

Well, come to think of it,
no one is as impatient as my mom *another sexay shoes freak*
she can change 3 pairs of shoes in within 2 hours of shopping,
and pottered to the next boutique in her new pair....get ANOTHER pair that she fancied,
changed it AGAIN!!!! and sashayed to the next shoe boutique.

That lady certainly has her own energy and attitude.
I'll never be able to catch up...well that's another long story to cerita...

JS's new baby....*drools*

Zenith Royal Port Open Concept
Automatic movement with chronograph,
titanium case with sapphire backcase,
transparent dial with a solid black carbon fiber strap.

go to their website for more *Zenith*

yessss, it was a glorious SUNday for me.....makan & shopping.... :)))

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