Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The morning after drink

I was amazed and literally impressed to find such product on our shelves...
it was advertised as a tonic drink for knowing me...
I bought a bottle..and had it after a heavy nite session the following morning..
and the verdict....*drum roll pls*
it was a let down!!!! WTF!!!
either i drank too much the nite before or this drink is rather mild...too mild I would say for it has no effect on me at all.
it actually states that it clear your head!!!

Colour: dirty urine colour *hehehe*
Smell: gingery
Ingredients: Lemon, Lime, Ginger, herbal extracts
Palate: *puke* gingery and peppery
Price: Steep for a 330ml
Verdict: It did not clear my head as stated and it sucks

go to their website to find out more *click fireflytonic*

So resort to this concoction from Margaret River :)
She's the only female winemaker in the world :)))) *respect 1000000X*
This definitely woke me up....high time.

You see, sometimes winemaker/growers have so much of raw supplies that they manufacture grape juice. This one not bad....good i would say.
You can get this at the gourmet shop in Bangsar Shoppping Centre (BSC) - Mr.Ho Fine Food.

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